Five Reasons to Attend Circle City Classic


I have been attending Circle City Classic events since I was a child. There was even a time when I was a teenager when my friends and I made it an entire weekend event. There were many weeks of outfit preparation, hair appointments, and punishment avoiding preparing for “Classic Weekend.” In case you are new around here, the Circle City Classic is an event where we celebrate the significance of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) by bringing in two HBCU football teams and their bands (chef’s kiss) to play and perform at Lucas Oil Stadium.

It is not only beneficial for the HBCUs who are often underserved, but also for the city because we all know that colleges bring alumni to celebrate as well. Circle City Classic has a weekend of events dedicated to teaching and preserving history. This year, the event falls on September 23rd, 2023, and Mississippi Valley University will take on the Eagles of North Carolina Central University. The morning begins with a parade through downtown Indianapolis featuring a Grand Marshall and local celebrities, not to mention the bands will give you a sneak preview of their halftime show.

If you have never been, there are so many events for your family; however, the football game is the main event! The two teams battle it out, and the halftime show is a battle of the bands, which is such a fun and interactive show. They have the pep rally on Monument Circle on Friday night, the parade, and the Greek Step show immediately following the football game. I highly recommend attending not just because of the events but also because of the rich history that comes with seeing how other colleges and universities interact. Here are the five best parts of the Circle City Classic.

The HBCU Experience

I realize that many of us, including yours, truly attended PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions), and I am grateful for the experience. However, there is not an experience like the HBCU experience. The majorettes, the bands, the drum major, and the music are just a few reasons why they call it an experience.

The Parade

Kids love parades, and so do adults! One year, everyone thought the Grand Marshall was Usher, and it was Kirk Franklin (both significantly important to the culture). Anyhow, the parade is pride on display! There are so many cultures, musicians, and bands, of course. Not forgetting the mayor and other local celebrities participated.

The Bands

I have always had a love of football. I watched it with my father, but there was something about the battle of the bands that I love. Have you ever heard Beyoncé playing the trumpet? Doja Cat played by a Drumline. For years this has been my mother’s main reason for attending and many people’s actually…. great reason, I think.

The Camaraderie

There are so many different cultures represented at Circle City Classic. It is funny that not many things can unite us, but much and football can coexist pretty much anywhere.

Supporting a Great Cause

When you support events like the Circle City Classic, deserving colleges receive nicer dorms, better labs, and materials. The bigger cause is keeping the HBCU experience alive, gifting them with the resources they need, and celebrating their rich history.

Sounds like a win to me.