I Stand With Indy Reads


One of Indianapolis’ best non-profits and community institutions became a victim of a violent and reckless threat. 

When I first moved to Indianapolis in 2019, Indy Reads was one of the first places I went. I was thrilled to have a local bookstore with a non-profit focus—a focus near and dear to my heart as a former educator and lover of books and reading. When their shop and offices moved from Mass Ave into my neighborhood, Fountain Square, I could not have been happier. 

Indy Reads’ mission is to provide 100% literacy for all. They provide free literacy, English, and workforce readiness programs. They host book clubs. They help people get high school equivalency degrees. They tutor English language learners. This work is essential to Indianapolis’ thriving today and into the future. 

But not only that, Indy Reads is a cozy and inviting place to pop in for a browse on any given day. Gems are always waiting to be found among the used books, and they do an excellent job of curating new fiction and nonfiction titles. It’s become my go-to choice when looking for holiday or birthday gifts. Recently, my kids have started attending chess club on occasional Thursday nights.

Indy Reads’ mission is to achieve 100% literacy for all Hoosiers. Did you know that 1 in 6 Hoosiers do not possess a reading level above fifth grade? Indy Reads is striving to change that. Indy Reads contributes to our community in more valuable ways than most of our institutions, and we’d all be poorer for their absence.

Thank goodness, they are not going anywhere. 

The America and the Indianapolis I believe in—the one Indy Reads promotes and contributes to in meaningful ways—is one in which we are all free to express ourselves. 

Drag story time does nothing to harm our community or our children. Anyone who tells us otherwise is afraid, but they will not have the last word. Love wins, and stories change the world.

There is no place for hate in Fountain Square. There is no place for hate in Indianapolis. 

Our family stands with drag performers and with the LGBTQ+ community. We will continue to support your dignity and right to exist. 

As a Fountain Square resident, as a reader, and as an Indianapolis Mom, I stand with Indy Reads.