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Beauty Standards in the Midst of Motherhood: I Can’t Keep Up

There I was, crying in front of my bathroom mirror on a Saturday morning because I accidentally got lash glue (it burns!) in my...

I Can’t Keep up with Today’s Beauty Standards

I’ve never been incredibly interested in keeping up with society’s beauty standards. It all seemed to go over my head in junior high and...

Four Products to Get Summer Ready {Friday Favorites}

Summer is coming, friends. Sumer is coming! And while there are perks to living in the midwest, there are harsh winters (like random snowstorms...

A Quick Beauty Routine for Busy Moms

I know, mama. It’s hard to get up every morning. You’re mentally and physically exhausted. You have a laundry list of things to do,...

Taking Care of Mama with Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics

Let's be honest - as moms, we often put ourselves on the back burner. Everyone and everything comes first. It's just the nature of...

Super Simple DIY Facial Cleansing Scurb

I took a little time last week to replenish a few skin care items and I thought a few other moms might be interested...

Getting the Eyelashes of My Dreams with Lashes By Matick

Have you ever felt the sensation of your eyelashes fluttering in the wind--like, they are so insanely long and movie-star-luxurious level that you can...

What a Mom Looks Like

What do you picture when you hear the word, "mom?" Perhaps you picture yourself or the mom you wished you resembled a bit more....

5 Five-Minute Beauty Tips for Moms

I have a deep love for beauty products. While I'm not what I'd call a "girly girl," in that I will go almost anywhere...

The Beauty of Letting Myself Go

I’ve always been a bit ‘high-maintenance’, I suppose. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s the truth. I like clothes and fashion. And...

What I Hope To Teach My Son About Beauty

Usually when I mention my husband’s ex-wife is a professional cheerleader, I’m met with empathetic groans of understanding from other women. Over time, I've...
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