Game On: Easy Games to Play When You’re Stuck at Home


So Hoosier parents, are you pulling out your hair yet? Running out of ideas for things to do while the kiddos are home, and you guys are all stuck inside?  Never fear, we have you covered. Indianapolis Moms has a handful of ideas for you folks searching for some additional fun games for the entire family, with supplies you have at home.  Get your game face on guys!


While its fun to have a specialty deck of cards here, you can definitely play Go Fish with just your standard deck of cards you have in the junk drawer. Check out all the rules here. But who doesn’t love this classic? Bonus, it’s great for teaching your little kiddos their numbers too!


If your kids are like my son, they might have an old art stand or roll of paper.  This is perfect for a fun family game of Pictionary. Of course, you can use your basic legal pad too, but have your family sit down and think of ideas and categories to draw. Split the family into teams and see what happens next! You may discover the next Picasso.


Picture this; you just finished a fierce game of “Go Fish” and realized there’s another deck of cards in the drawer. Well you’re in luck because you have enough for playing Uno with regular cards. The traditional Uno card game is played using a set of 108 cards. This happens to be the same number of cards in two regular decks of playing cards (including the Jokers). This one would likely be best for the older kids, but I can remember taking great pleasure in skipping my sister each round during one game as a kid. Sorry, sis!


Take a piece of paper, create your board, and pick your pieces. Checkers is one of those games that is timeless. For game rules, check out this link. I think you could even take your favorite foods and make it fun. Jump a piece, you get to eat it!  Cheerios vs. Chex cereal. M & M’s vs. Skittles. Chocolate chips vs. Oreos. I am confident you will have your child’s attention with those involved in this game.

Old Maid

Old Maid is another great one if you just have your standard deck of cards.  Take a basic deck and just remove three of the queens, so there is only one left. She is the “old maid.”  Players need to match all their cards until they are gone without being left with the lone queen. Full details can be found here, but I am confident this one will bring out your competitive side.

So have fun, stay healthy and game on Hoosier families!