8 Tasks that Should Qualify Moms for a Gold Medal


Gold medal motivated moms have been headlining the news this year, especially when it came to the breastfeeding battles they endured. Although these mothers deserve all the credit, I thought really the average mom could qualify for a gold medal if the categories changed a little.

Medal Category #1: The Toddler Diaper Change

We’ve all been there (or you’ll soon be there), holding down a toddler with one elbow while you quickly work your other hand to wipe, change, and put cream on a squirming little human butt. It’s not an easy challenge and often leaves us a little messy, but somehow when I successfully change my toddler, I feel like I may have at least won a silver medal or an extra glass of wine later. 

Medal Category #2: Applying Sunscreen to a Minor

As summer is coming to a close, we can all appreciate whether your kid is six months or 17 years old, they hate putting on sunscreen. There are many methods to the maddening game, but it seems like the “Just Hold Still” and attack them from all angles with the sunscreen is the approach is the only way to get the job done quickly in my house. Or just continually screaming “I don’t want you to get burnt!” in hopes they would understand the seriousness of why we have to wear it. This summer task could definitely get moms to qualify for a podium position. 

Medal Category #3: Putting Kids to Bed

Oh, the most bittersweet time of the day: bedtime. After a hard day, all you want is some quiet time in front of the TV watching some sort of binge-worthy show to let your mind wind down. But the routine of bedtime…takes so long. Teeth brushing. Bath time. Endless amount of lotion and creams. Stories. Songs. Cuddles. And let’s not forget about how many times you have to walk upstairs to put them back in bed, over and over. 

Medal Category #4: School Morning Preparation

Throwing food in lunch boxes, finding missing socks or shoes, and rushing multiple kids out with a granola bar in hand in hopes that they don’t miss the bus or there isn’t traffic. Somehow as much as you lay out and plan ahead, it seems something isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hope. Feeling the sigh of relief that they are at school in one piece checks one box off your daily agenda. 

Medal Category #5: Making a Dinner that Everyone will Eat

I have always just had an “eat what I make” rule in my house unless I feel the meal is too spicy. But that doesn’t mean everyone in my house eats well at every meal. Some days my toddler walks away with eating the bread and maybe a few vegetables off his plate (if I’m lucky), and I consider that a win. Oh, but the days that I make the “perfect” meal (Hey, it could totally be macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets), I consider that everyone ate everything on their plate with no complaints as another small success in the day. 

Medal Category #6: Running on 4 hours of Sleep

Ah, the newborn stage. Somehow women become superhuman during this child development stage, as the amount they can accomplish with such limited sleep is miraculous. I remember “functioning”  on minimal hours of sleep. Although I felt like a zombie at multiple moments throughout the day, I fed, changed (x12), played, worked on developmental milestones, all while attempting daily chores throughout the house. 

Medal Category #7: Completing the Entire Laundry Cycle in One Day

This doesn’t happen too often in my house, so an extra shout-out to those super moms that can accomplish this task. As I type this, I have wet clothes in the washer and dry clothes sitting in baskets on my living room floor for a few days now. But the magical day that this happens in my house makes me feel like a superhero. 

Medal Category #8: Pregnancy & Delivery

We can’t forget the obvious, right? Although everyone’s body handles pregnancy differently, women are warriors when it comes to nine grueling months of back pain, nausea, and the worry of a successful pregnancy. Then comes the delivery. No matter that type of delivery you had, there is still major trauma to your body and mind in which recovery is needed.  Everyone’s pregnancy and delivery stories are special, difficult, and worth a gold medal, in my opinion. 

So, what’ll it be? What category can you leave this article feeling like you have qualified and won a gold medal in motherhood? Look at the small moments and live off of those. Remember, no one is perfect.