An Uncommon View


Do you want to hear something uncommon? Something that is not often said and is maybe even hard to say or believe? Children are a blessing. Motherhood is a blessing.

I think it is all too easy to complain and focus on the hard things that come with having children and being a mama. And let’s be honest, it is really, really hard. And to be even more honest, I am the first to admit I am the worst at having this mindset.

I am writing this after spending over an hour trying to get all three of my girls to sleep by myself. Do you think I want to call my children blessings right now? (Answer: no) But, they are. They really are.

On the daily I am reminded how they are used to edify me, teach me, and give me an opportunity to grow. Every night as I tuck them in I am thankful for the opportunity to shepherd their little souls.

In a world where having children is not the most popular thing to do and sometimes even the hardest thing to do, it is a challenge to think this way.

When everything in you wants to be free from responsibility, it is a challenge to think this way.

When the little boogers are being…well, boogers. It is a challenge to think this way.

BUT, are you up for the challenge?

Can we spend a little less time thinking about what we “miss out on” because of children and more time on how richly we’re living?

Think: glass overflowing not glass half full.