An Apology from a Formerly Single Woman


Dear Women I Knew and Judged Before I Became Married with Children:

I am sorry. I judged you. 

Now that I have traded my days of single womanhood for married with children and one on the way, I see things a little differently. And I owe the collective lot of you an apology–or ten.
I’m sorry I thought work-life balance meant getting up earlier on a Saturday to beat the crowd to Costco.
I’m sorry I rolled my eyes when you left work early for something kid-related.
I’m sorry I said your kids will eat it if you just make them. 
I’m sorry I gleefully bought your child that very noisy, musical toy. Please, please don’t exact revenge on me.
I’m sorry I said you should just get a babysitter. I believe my exact words were, “How hard can it be?!”
I’m sorry I judged you for going to Target without makeup on.
I’m sorry I sighed heavily when your child pitched a fit in the produce section.
I’m sorry for complaining when you left happy hour early to go home.
I’m sorry I suggested that you just let your child cry it out.
I’m sorry I judged you for wearing leggings. (But not sorry if I judged you for wearing them without a shirt to cover your butt. Come on.)
Before you assume that I think women with kids are the only ones with real problems and childless women are all as shallow as this apology makes me sound, please pause. Just because there aren’t butts to wipe, lunches to pack, and school programs to attend doesn’t mean every day is a vacation for women without kids. Far from it. These are just some mom-related assumptions and observations I previously held that have now been challenged. And I feel like I should own those with an apology.

Consider me humbled. Just don’t rub it in too much, okay?