Baby #2. When is the right time to get pregnant a second time around?


When is the right time to have baby number two? If you are anything like me, then you have been thinking about your second child since baby number one was about a month old.  And why wouldn’t you? Moms and Dads alike get this nagging question from Grandparents, other family members, hell…even random strangers. They are all asking the same thing, “So are you going to have another one?” And the answer is simple, I haven’t a clue.

Similar to your first, I don’t believe there is ever a “right” time to have baby number two. You have to just do it. I love my son, but I wasn’t always positive I was ready to be a mom. Now looking back I don’t know why it scared me so much and yet that doesn’t make my (our) decision to try for baby number two any easier.

Baby number 2 will be just like him!
Who doesn’t want another one of these?

If you had talked to me a couple months ago, I wasn’t ready to have another kiddo. My husband briefly mentioned baby number two and I was dead set against it. I was basking in the moment with my son and just didn’t want to disrupt the great thing we had going. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I found out another friend was expecting her second and suddenly I was planning the exact date I would remove my IUD. Then life happened and I slowly backed away from that ledge again, especially when one of my best friends got engaged. I selfishly thought, oh I can’t be pregnant for their wedding, let alone risk missing this wedding altogether.   So what’s a girl to do?

So I will say it again, there isn’t ever a right or wrong time to have a second child. Unfortunately, I am super type A, so if I could plan it out down to the minute in my daily planner I would. But it doesn’t work that way.

This baby!
I’m not sure I can create this cuteness again!

We were very lucky with our first. We tried and it worked.   However, it isn’t always that simple.  We could try and it may work right away. Or we could try and it may take months or who knows, it might not work at all.  And that’s ok, that’s the risk we take. That’s what is so amazing about pregnancy.  Regardless of when or how it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.  And while I may want to plan it out down to the minute, pregnancy is not a lean cuisine. You can’t set the timer and once you hear the beep your baby is ready.  

So while I can’t predict the future, I can tell you this.  We do want a second kiddo; A little brother or sister for Andrew and a new baby to complete our family.   And there is no wrong or right time to start this process.  However, if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again, we will be the luckiest parents ever…a second time around.

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