Pediatric Dental Health Awareness Month: When to Go, What to Expect, and Who to See

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If you’re like me, you’re thoughts on pediatric dental hygiene probably went something like, “Do we really need to brush baby teeth? Don’t they just fall out later?”

I admitted it, so you don’t have to. But if you haven’t said it, you’ve probably at thought it. Chances are you brush your kids’ teeth anyway, and good thing you do! Did you know that early childhood cavities are FIVE TIMES more likely than asthma and SEVEN TIMES more common than hay fever?! 25% of kids ages 2-5 years old have 80% tooth decay. Yikes. Who knew such tiny teeth could wreak so much havoc.

Caring for Baby Teeth

But don’t worry- caring for baby teeth isn’t as scary as it may sound (although, if we’re honest, it’s not the brushing and flossing part that’s hard- it’s getting a toddler to do something they don’t want to do!). It’s super necessary, though. Baby teeth are actually important for a lot of things (even if they do eventually fall out). Baby teeth are, obviously important for chewing, but their significance goes far beyond that. Baby teeth are important for holding space for permanent teeth, speaking clearly, and FACE SHAPE (who knew?!)

So what do you do about it? The American Board of Pediatrics recommends visiting the dentist for the first time with your little one no later than 6 months after the first tooth emerges. Finding a pediatric dentist can be tough (and a little scary), so we’re here to help. 

The Children’s Dental Center in Fishers is perfect for that first checkup (and beyond). They’re experts at making kids comfortable at the dentist- so much so that your child will actually be excited about a return visit. The dentists, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Bradley, are super knowledgeable, super friendly, and value fostering a welcoming environment and building a trusting relationship with you and your child. Most importantly, both Dr. Edwards and Dr. Bradley love kids- an imperative all parents value in their child’s health care professionals. 


The Children’s Dental Center

It’s not an easy task making a child comfortable in a dentist’s office, but the Children’s Dental Center manages to do it. All of the staff- from the dentists, themselves, to reception, to the dental hygienists, and to the dental and surgical assistants- are attuned to what kids need in what can be, at first, a scary situation!

They also know how important pediatric dental hygiene is, while recognizing that caring for our kids’ teeth isn’t always an easy task for parents. As a mom, herself, Dr. Edwards understands these challenges first hand, and brings her expertise knowledge of pediatric dental care to parents with practical advice for how to take care of those baby teeth (like try having your child lay down while you floss their teeth)!

What’s more is that the atmosphere at The Children’s Dental Center is comfortable for kids. Right away, when you walk in the door, the waiting room is fun for kids of ALL ages (they even have video games in the waiting room). When it’s time to go back to the exam room, everyone is welcome- not only parents, but siblings, as well (which can put parents at ease, and help demystify the experience for first-timer sibs). What’s great about taking your child to a pediatric dentist is that they are prepared to not only understand making the experience enjoyable for a child, but for you, as well. You can ask questions specific to caring for kids’ teeth at all stages- from baby teeth, as those teeth fall out, and what comes next. You don’t have to be nervous about asking whatever questions you may have, the staff at the Children’s Dentist Center will be ready to answer. 

So much of what the Children’s Center is good at is not only the actual dentistry, but ensuring that the atmosphere is a fun one- kids can recognize the Children’s Center as a fun place to visit, while ensuring their teeth are clean and healthy.