Finding “Me Time” in the Midst of Motherhood


It’s hard for me to remember what I did with my free time before having kids. I was probably cleaning my house more often. I was definitely sleeping more. I know I trained for a couple of half marathons, and I’m sure I watched more TV. Almost four years after having my first baby, all of that is just a distant memory, perhaps nature’s way of encouraging me to have more than one child.

These days, “me time” has taken on a different meaning. Sometimes it means going to the bathroom without a child sitting on my lap. Other times, it means folding a load of laundry in my room while my husband builds blocks with the kids in the family room. Most frequently, it means waiting until the kids are sleeping to fit in everything I can’t do while they are awake. 

As a sensitive and introverted mom of two loud littles, I’ve realized that the key to me feeling sane and at peace, is fitting it in, even if the kids are awake and right beside me. For me, it usually looks like…

  • Listening to a podcast while I wash the dishes or run errands
  • Going for a walk with the double stroller
  • Taking an adult tap class at the local dance studio
  • Going to the gym for an hour, or working out at home while the kids run around me
  • Baking cookies or muffins
  • Shopping online
  • Making my favorite food for lunch and eating it while sitting down, rather than standing at the kitchen counter
  • Going through the drive-thru for my favorite drink or snack
  • Watching a few episodes of my favorite TV show

In this season of life, “me time” does not include spa treatments and weekends away from the kids, and that’s okay with me. The thing is, it probably never will. 

At the time being, you can find me drinking a lime La Croix, listening to The Mom Hour podcast, and enjoying a little bit of alone time… at least until one of my kids yells, “Mommy!”