I Left My Husband and Kids; You Should Too


I did it. I packed up and left my husband and kids for four days. It was the best thing ever to recharge my mom battery and take a step away from reality for a few days. 

I was at the end of my rope. Dealing with postpartum depression, two kids draining all my energy, a job that was kicking my butt, and add in stressful family situations. I couldn’t take anymore. I needed a break—my mom battery was completely drained.

Half joking, half not, I messaged a friend from work; “You want to go to the beach? I need a beach.” She immediately sent me a link for a round trip flight to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for $56 and a message that said, “Yes, I just sent my husband divorce papers. Let’s book this now!” 

We booked flights before I even said anything to my husband. If he was completely against it, I was only out $56. I brought up the idea to him, and after a few days of thinking it over (because that’s just who he is as a person), he said, “Go to Florida. You need this and deserve this.” I should also mention I have the most loving, thoughtful husband in the world.

There were times of mom guilt that crept in before our trip. Should I leave them for that long? I’m going to miss them too much. I should probably cancel. Then I told myself, it’s only a few days and everything will be ok. A few days of not having to answer to anyone. A few days of not having to wipe anyone’s butt but my own. A few days of eating meals without interruption. Yes, I absolutely needed this. And if I had any doubts, the day before I left our oldest said “mommy” no less than 100 times, and our youngest blew out his diaper twice. Jesus, take the wheel. I needed to leave. I needed to recharge. 

The trip was amazing. We sat on the beach with drinks in our hands. We went to a bar and played drag bingo. We had dinner at a beachfront restaurant with the most amazing view. I slept for 9 hours straight every night, which hadn’t happened in years. I had this feeling of peace and feeling of freedom that I hadn’t felt in years. This was exactly what I needed. 

Sure, I may have looked through pictures on my phone every day because I missed my kids. Sure, I had times where I thought I needed to come home and relieve my husband. But I knew I needed this, and my relationship with my kids and husband would be better because of this time away.

I came back refreshed and excited to mom again. My mom battery was recharged. 

I understand how immensely privileged I am to have the ability to pick up and leave for a few days. Whatever it looks like, whether it’s a trip, a day away, or even a few hours; 10 out of 10 would recommend leaving to recharge.