I’m a Hippie Mama, and That is Okay

©Alena Shekhovtsova via Canva.com

A close friend once called me a hippie mama. She wasn’t wrong.

I love being in nature, am a vegan, lean more toward holistic practices (but firmly believe in science), and enjoy the simpler, slower things.

A bumblebee flits along the fence, stopping occasionally to peruse the thick lavender thistle nestled there. Bubbling laughter carries with the wind, echoing from the other side of the yard. The dirt, dry from the heat, crumbles along my bare feet, serving as a grounding for my anxious self. There is dirt under my nails, sweat beading along the back of my neck as the curls try to escape my top knot. The garden is flourishing.

I try my best to make sure my children know nature, know how to be self-sufficient and know that there is magic outside.

Smells of sourdough cooling waft through open windows, and the sun glints off a few jars of quick pickled peppers. We’ve made more cookies today, flour spilling everywhere and the walnuts scattering across our counters. It’ll be vegetables from the garden for dinner, perhaps some tofu. There is a crochet project to finish, the final rows waiting to come to life. 

I’ve always been this way. From starting wildlife initiatives as a teenager to promoting sustainable practices, I try to leave as little impact on our planet as possible. If that makes me ‘hippie,’ then that’s totally fine with me. I want my kids to know how to reduce their impact as well.

There is magic to be had in the slime of a slug trail in pinecone wind chimes. I want my kids to know that they can get dirty because life is messy. Rainbows can be found if we look in the right spot, spiderwebs creating the most precise art. Plants that can be used for herbal methods are easy to spot, and dangerous ones are even easier. Peppermint is an amazing repellant for insects. Cinnamon sprinkled in plants will change your outdoor experience. 

It isn’t always easy to be a so-called hippie mama. There is a lot of pushback when someone hears that I am a more nature-leaning gal, but I’m the first one to say that science has a purpose and that modern medicine is lifesaving. I’m the first to agree that modern conveniences make life so much better. I just think that nature can heal, too.

Perhaps today, we will plant a new flower or explore the creek by the park. Maybe we will save the lemon peels for our vinegar-based cleaner, or maybe we’ll visit the library to borrow more books. Or, more likely, it’ll be chicken nuggets and some screentime with dinner because #balance.