To The Mama With Little Kids


These are the days, mama. We are living them. These are the days we will look back on, maybe with rose colored glasses, but nonetheless.

How blessed are we that we get to watch them grow? From rolling over to crawling to walking to running. From ballet recitals to prom. From kindergarten to college. We get to be the ones cheering them on and having arms wide open for them to run back to.

These times are wild and simple, all in one breath. One moment you are at Target pushing that massive, school bus sized cart and the next you’re at home watching them innocently sleeping. One moment you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to locate all your children at the park and the next you are sitting down with them in the driveway watching all the cars and trash trucks go by.

Today, they want to hold your hand and snuggle up REALLY close (maybe too close) to you while you try to finish your almost cold meal. Today, they need you. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Soon they will not. Enjoy it.

The messes? They are reminders that we are lucky. That we have these special, little people under our roof that feel so loved, so comfortable, so free to enjoy life without a care.

And the tears. Oh, the tears. The tantrums. The fighting. The disobedience. This is our opportunity to pull them in, hug them, look them in eye and teach them about life. That things are broken, but that they can be healed.

With each new season, I look back fondly on the things that once seemed hard and never-ending. Either from what it taught me or how sweet it really was. I can only imagine that will continue.

These are the days. They.are.exhausting. But savor them. They are oh, so precious if you let them be.