Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Lindsey Cornett


Hi, friends! I’m Lindsey–writer, reader, and mom of three! I’m so happy to be a part of the Indianapolis Moms team. My family moved to Indianapolis just over one year ago, and I very much still feel new here. Joining this team has been an amazing way to learn more about our awesome city, connect with powerhouse women I might not have met otherwise, and write about topics I’m passionate about.

I’m a born-and-raised Floridian, and my husband Evan and I actually met in high school! We dated briefly then, but I dumped him. (He loves to give me a hard time about that, even now.) We started dating again in college and got married right after graduation. We went on to live in Orlando while he got his PhD, and that’s what brought us to the midwest! We lived in Grand Rapids, MI for about four years before moving to Indianapolis last summer. We have totally fallen in love with the Midwest, and I’m pretty much obsessed with the changing seasons and all the metaphors they provide about life, love, motherhood, faith…I nerd out about it a little bit. 

We’ve lived in Fletcher Place since moving to Indy, and we absolutely love this area. On a Saturday afternoon, it’s highly likely we’ll be walking to Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee or Amelia’s, or grabbing take-out from Chillywater. We just bought our first house and will be moving just down the road into Fountain Square. 

We have three kids: Ian (6), Leo (4), and Ruthie (3). They are funny and intense little kids, currently obsessed with all things sea creatures, dinosaurs, and space. I spend most of my days serving up snacks, refereeing sibling squabbles, reading picture books, and Googling things about dinosaurs or Jupiter’s moons. Our oldest, Ian, attends our neighborhood IPS school, and Leo will be starting Pre-K there this year. We absolutely love the school–I think it’s a hidden gem and we couldn’t be happier with it.

With the rest of my time, I am a writer and editor. I write, edit, and manage social media for Kindred Mom, as well as a variety of freelance projects. I’m also a cofounder of The Drafting Desk, a once-a-month email newsletter of soulful encouragement for recovering perfectionists, which I write with my friend Rebekah.

I’m a little bit all over the place when it comes to things I love. I get fired up about Florida Gator football, good books, Jesus, and gun reform. (You know, just casual stuff.) I am always working on overcoming my perfectionism and love encouraging other women to do the same, and you can almost always find me with a coffee, book, or pen in hand. (On a good day, it’ll be all three.)

I”m so grateful to be a part of Indianapolis Moms, and I’m cheering you on as we’re all walking through this strange time together!