Mommy Moments Are Essential to Survival


I often put off my weekly trip to the grocery store, because shopping for groceries isn’t my favorite thing to do. The positive part of this trip is that it is my one guaranteed time of the week that block of time is mine. For my sanity and the sanity of everyone around me, I grocery shop kid-free. Even though my main task is to buy groceries for my family, it is so much more. 

I usually stop for a coffee or iced green tea, then sometimes I sit in my car for an extra fifteen or twenty minutes enjoying my beverage, playing a game on my phone, listening to a podcast, loading my digital coupons to the store’s app, or scrolling social media. When I do finally make it inside, I typically stroll up and down every aisle making sure I don’t forget anything.    

This mindless time spent at the grocery store is important to me. It’s my time to unwind and breathe. It’s my time to steal a few moments to myself, without worrying what anyone else wants or needs, or without worrying about what I need to tackle next on my mile-long to-do list. I think “mommy moments” as I like to call them are essential to our survival. So much of our time is spent taking care of our families, and jobs, that we spend so little time just getting to take a breath. Even when self-care seems like an impossible luxury, stealing a few moments to breathe is important to our survival.

As moms, we spend so much time dedicated to our children and families that we often get lost in the chaos, and forget about ourselves. Finding a few moments in our day or week to stop and let our minds rest is essential for our mental health, as well as our families. I am guilty of a short temper and losing my patience from time to time, being able to have time to myself to regroup, helps me to be less overwhelmed, and am not as short-fused with my family.

So moms make sure you are stealing those mommy moments when you can. Walk down all the aisles at the grocery store, stay up a little later to watch one more episode of your favorite show, take five minutes longer in the shower. Anything you can do to have that few extra minutes to take a breath, your family will thank you!