National Relaxation Day: Local Spots to Pamper Yourself


Saturday, August 15th marks a day we can all get behind, National Relaxation Day.  After the 2020 we’ve had I think we can all agree we need, no wait, we deserve, National Relaxation Year. But regardless, there is a day that says kick off your shoes, take a load off and find your way to relax. Maybe relaxing is locking the kids out of the room and taking a nap…me please! Or maybe it’s indulging in a few quiet minutes with a cup of HOT coffee and a donut. Do you! But if you are looking to get out of the house, we’ve got you covered. To aid in your search for the best ways to relax locally, Indianapolis Moms identified some small businesses to check out to get your R&R on in central Indiana. 

Ready, set, relax…

Project Gorgeous

I’ll be honest, I am a Project Gorgeous fan. I have long been a supporter of acupuncture for relaxation, stress, fertility, whatever and Marianne Talkovski is among the best around. While she offers a ton of services, acupuncture is my favorite. Acupuncture is a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force, known as chi or qi, which flows through pathways (meridians) in your body. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, your nerves, muscles, and connective tissue are stimulated, your body releases endorphins and your energy flow will re-balance. This is a great way to recenter and above all else, relax!  Check out pricing and more info at

Acupuncture might look scary, but its incredibly relaxing!
Acupuncture might look scary, but it’s incredibly relaxing!

A Place to Float

I haven’t ever done a “float” but I can tell this would be amazing.  A Place to Float offers sensory deprivation tanks help create an environment for deep relaxation by reducing overstimulation and inhibiting the body’s stress response. This also lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. Who doesn’t need this right now?  I’d like to imagine I was floating on the Italian coast while I was there, where would you go in your head? Pricing varies, but it’s about $59 for one hour. Learn more at

If I were her, I would transport myself to the Italian coast!
If I were her, I would transport myself to the Italian coast!

Mothering Freely 

Mothering Freely offers something called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Tapping. The founder, Casey VanPutten, was buried in the stress of motherhood and found herself going through the motions instead of enjoying her life. After experiencing the benefits, herself she became inspired to share this tool with others so they can feel calmer and more in control too. She also teaches parents how to introduce this technique to their children so they can experience its benefits as well! She will do a quick 15-minute discovery call with you for free to find out how she might be able to help you relax and recharge. Check her out at

Indiana Integrative Hypnosis

Hypnosis has long been touted as a possible stress reducer and with Indiana Integrative Hypnosis you can rely on expert Cathy Boone-Black to keep you grounded and calm. She has been working for over 20 years to keep clients stress free with reduced anxiety. She believes relaxation isn’t just about having peace of mind, but with less stress, you can mitigate the effects it could have on your mind and body.  She uses a variety of techniques to get you feeling better and back in balance.  Check out her website for more information:

Sometimes we just need to quiet our minds to relax.
Sometimes we just need to quiet our minds to relax.

Transformations Salon and Spa

If you are looking for a traditional salon environment for total relaxation, look no further than Transformations Salon and Spa.  Located in an unassuming strip center, several contributors with Indianapolis Moms said this place is the best. Facials, pedicures, and massages, they have it all. They even have prenatal services and couples massages if your partner wants to relax as well. They run periodic specials, but check out their website for their full menu and pricing.

Nothing says relaxation like a good yoga class.
Nothing says relaxation like a good yoga class.

Haven Yoga Studio

For me, yoga has always been a huge stress reliever. I am so relaxed by the end of most classes and feel so centered. So, if you are interested in this form of relaxation definitely check out Haven Yoga Studio.  This is a yoga space where people of different identities can gather, cultivate community, and practice together. They do meditation classes too and also hold space for POC and LGBTQ specific mediations which is awesome! Check out their Facebook page for their class schedule and different events,

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