Paying it Forward this Mother’s Day


Paying it Forward this Mother’s Day

As mothers we have an inherent desire to give and take care of others. We give of ourselves before we take care of ourselves. Our emotional tanks are probably running on almost empty most days.

Give back and Fill up

One way to fill our tank is to help other mothers and children. Some of us may have extra, unused, or gently used children’s’ shoes, clothes, toys, books that are taking up much needed space in our homes. Even those blankets, sheets, or towels that are not being used but taking up space. We may still have maternity clothes or work clothes that are not being worn.   You get the picture… all the items you may end of taking to a large donation store.

Spring Cleaning

Take a few minutes here and there to gather those items. Then when you have a little more time clean (if needed) and bag them to be passed along.

Below is a short list of donation sites for children’s and adults clothing, toys, books, and bedding.

  • Hamilton County Youth Assistance
  • Children’s Bureau of Indiana
  • Abused women’s shelter
  • Dress for Success

Local agencies in your own neighborhood

You can always ask a director or main point of contact for any of the following locations for ways they need assistance.

  • Your child’s school, preschool, or daycare
  • Local church
  • Local Food banks


Even if you don’t have items to give away, your valuable time is worth even more.   In some situations, like a food bank or fundraiser, children can be a part of the event. These types of events teach them invaluable lessons. My daughter was recently a part of a dinner to raise funds for a sweet child with cancer. She wasn’t discouraged or upset. She asked great questions and just wanted to help.

Please note these are just a few ways to pay it forward. Feel free to comment on this article to help awareness on any agency that may accept items or need volunteers.

In short, if your child can go to bed with a full belly and the love of a family, we are so blessed. Some children aren’t that lucky. Let’s help them and their momma’s this Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Momma’s out there! Now go enjoy your month!!