Road Warrior Survival Tips

My view for work

For my nonprofit job, I have the privilege of traveling to schools all over the state sharing with kids how they can be healthier and participate in a community service project.  I couldn’t imagine ever working in a cube or office again.  There is nothing like being able to roll down my windows, crank up some music (most likely JT) and hit the road. However, there are the days when I am stuck in traffic, or the weather is bad and I’m white-knuckling my steering wheel and praying I make it to my next destination safely and on time. Or, I’m starving because I ate my packed lunch at 10am!  My office is my car so I have a TON of work related items on hand, but I also have 2 little boys—a dangerous combination. If someone asks me to drive somewhere, it’s pretty funny because I have to move the boys’ car seats and any crumbs or toys left behind, move the paperwork on my passenger seat and if they need the trunk—I need to empty out the boxes of work stuff in there! And you know what?  I wouldn’t change a thing because I love what I do so much.   

So, I thought I’d share some Road Warrior Survival Tips for other working mamas like myself:

  • Pack your breakfast, lunch and snacks and TRY not to eat them all before noon! You don’t want to have to hit up a drive-thru because you’re starving!  It is not healthy and you’ll end up spending a ton of money over time.
  • Always keep plastic forks/spoons in your car (just speaking from experience of having to eat a salad with my hands because I forgot to pack utensils!)
  • Keep a little trash bag in there for you and your kids to use (I found a super cute fabric one that Velcro’s and hangs from the headrest of my passenger seat)
  • Make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Know where all the clean bathrooms are because you will be so hydrated (McDonald’s or Speedway gas stations are usually the cleanest, but sometimes when you gotta go—you gotta go wherever you can!)
  • Make sure you always have your car charger for your phone
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses!
  • Listen to audio books or podcasts—no disruptions from your kiddos during the work day!
  • Use your voice memo app if you think of items you need from the store, have ideas that you don’t want to forget, etc.
  • Keep a cosmetic bag in your glovebox filled with:  a fingernail file, cuticle cream, hair brush, makeup for touch-up’s, mints, chapstick, tampons, Band-Aids, ibuprofen & hand lotion.
  • Know where to find free Wifi if you need to work from your laptop in between appointments (Starbucks and the McDonalds parking lot are my go to free Wifi spots).
  • Use your Maps app on your phone or the Waze app to help you get to your next destination
  • Clean out your car once a week so it doesn’t get out of hand!
  • Have an emergency kit in your trunk: window scraper, jumper cables, AAA card, etc.
  • Stay on top of getting tune-up’s for your car—get your oil changed and make sure the pressure on your tires is good
  • Enjoy the ride!