THC Talk: Time to End the Mom-Shaming


thcPot, weed, devil’s lettuce, ganja, wacky tobacky, Colorado cocktail…the smoking flower form, gummies, mints, peanut butter, ice cream, soda variations. Like it or not, we are living in the marijuana revolution era. Has it been around for hundreds of years? Yes. Does it have proven medicinal value? Also yes. And have studies proven it’s used in overall safer contexts than blatantly legal booze? Yes. So why is there still a stigma and judgment around the recreational use of pot among responsible, hard-working, and looking-to-relax…MOMS? 

Yes. I went there. I am staking the sentiment to the universe that it’s time to throw out mom (and frankly all parental) shaming over the use of marijuana in its many forms. In its THC form, it is easier to control overall use than what a gaggle of young college girls considers fun by ripping shots of 151 at frat parties. (If that visual doesn’t disrupt you, I’m not sure you realize what is going on at frat parties). Moms aren’t dabbling in THC to over-use and abuse it. Dads aren’t either! The world is using it to escape the damn hellscape of our current times by creating a very chill attempt at RELAXATION and dare I say it, SANITY!!! If you “think you don’t know anyone who is dabbling in gummies,” THINK AGAIN! (I’m laughing at your ignorance, by the way.)

Moms aren’t trying to take it at 9 am to waste the day away, but are moms taking a little bite at 5:30 pm, in the secret of their walk-in closet, to unwind after the day? Many are. And it’s no different than that glass of wine you have at 5:01 pm, Karen. Except…ah yes…pot illicit zero hangovers, it’s less harsh on organs overall and does nothing more than that Valium your friend Tina takes before she heads to a PTO meeting.

Maybe this little rundown is simply the tip of a conversational iceberg for you to reflect on how judgmental you perhaps are towards others, or maybe this is your sign that the world is changing and you too can find joy in the joy of cannabis. No matter your personal feelings, please be aware of the mundane attributes the substance carries compared to the multiple other crises happening in our neighborhoods each and every day. Pretty sure a little nip of “mommy’s special candy” is not going to rock any boats or create any blackout at a concert the same way alcohol can – and does for many adults each day. Just utilize THC in a way that is safe, doesn’t involve doing it around any kids (odd that drinking in front of kids is socially legal though, huh?) dangerous activity or heavy machinery (call a Lyft, wouldja?), and it’s as simple as having a delightful case of the giggles! Simple as that. 

For the people in the back…IT’S TIME TO STOP THE MOM-SHAMING OF THC!


  1. I couldn’t agree more. My wife (who actually uses a cannabis tincture to get to sleep) shames me EVERY time I get high. 35 years ago I quit drinking because I do not do well on alcohol at all. From that my wife extracts that I am a raging, drooling alcoholic and junkie. We’ve been married 16 years so anything she thinks she knows about my drinking days is from my stories. She therefore A) Has NO reason to think I’ll use the mortgage money to buy weed, and B) Suspects that I would do that in a heartbeat.

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