Toddler or Teacher: 10 Things I’ve Learned From My Child


mother and child

As a new mom I’m constantly teaching. I’m also constantly learning. But despite all of the books and guides I’ve read and tried to follow, the greatest things I’ve learned have come from simply watching my son.

Here are 10 things my toddler has taught me:

  1. Be present. No one practices presence better than a child. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, save your work for later. Enjoy the moment you are in.  Just be.
  2. Crying can help. Tears are proven to relieve stress and release emotions.  A good cry can work wonders.
  3. Let things go. Let go of ill-will, anxiety, jealousy, anger.Don’t hold grudges. Stop making comparisons. Move on from the things in life that steal your joy
  4. Never underestimate the power of a full belly.
  5. Never underestimate the power of good nap.
  6. Don’t give up. When you fall down, get back up. Keep trying. There is no such thing as failure if you’ve given it your all.
  7. Never stop learning. Use each day as an opportunity for a new learning experience. As adults, there is so much we can learn from the people around us, our experiences and our environment. Growth is good. Change is good. Embrace the learning curve in each new day.
  8. Hugs and kisses are healing. There’s nothing quite like a long hug or quick kiss to soothe a heavy heart.
  9. Be Yourself. Many times we try so hard to be something we’re not.  Afraid of judgment or criticism we tend to develop our “social media selves” and display this unattainable idea of perfection. My child never tries to impress anyone. He never tries to be anyone other than himself and I find so much relief in knowing that I don’t have to try so hard either.
  10. Use your imagination. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Keep playing, keep exploring, keep your inner child thriving. It’s magical what one imaginative thought can inspire. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein