Getaway For A Day: 10 Fun Filled Trips From Indy

Looking for a quick trip with the family? We have you covered! Instead of doing an Indianapolis day trip, why not pack up the family and check out some sights outside the city? Use...

Outsourcing Composting with Re(317)

Once upon a time, I tried to create my own compost bin. I was tired of seeing all of the fruits and vegetables that went uneaten in the black hole that is my refrigerator's...

Get Rid of It: A Year to Declutter

My elderly uncle recently passed away and he was a collector. A collector of stuff. Lots of it. Everywhere. In every closet, drawer, nook, and cranny. From trinkets, he collected in his world travels...

National Pizza Day: The Search for New York Pizza in Indianapolis

I am a native New Yorker. Pizza is in my blood. I still have the phone number of our favorite childhood pizza joint memorized. I grew up on beautiful slices of perfectly foldable crisp...

Holiday Advent Activities

When my children were very small, I decided to create a holiday tradition special to our family. After a quick Pinterest search and a run to the dollar store, I created our family advent...

Roasted Squash Fall Salad Recipe

Over fall break we made a quick two-day trip to explore Wisconsin. After spending a few hours exploring the University of Madison campus we decided to grab a quick lunch at Great Dane Pub...

The Battle Over Masks: Can We Do This for Our Kids?

I snapped a picture of our school's approved snack list last night while sitting in my son's meet the teacher night. It struck me as one of those "moments." Just that morning, one of...

Dear Summer: A Love Letter

Dear Summer,  Welcome back, my long-lost love. You have been missed. The summer of 2020 brought challenges and lessons to be learned. But this year I have high hopes and big dreams for our steps...

Lessons From My Mom in Her Death

It’s been just over a year since my mother passed. She was one of the first few thousand victims of Covid. As I sit writing this, I cannot wrap my brain around the idea...

Lend Them Your Confidence: Tips for Your Child’s Next Doctor’s Appointment

In my years spent as a pediatric nurse, I’ve seen the gamut of how parents respond at their child’s doctor’s appointment. Some parents are nervous, some parents take every appointment in stride, some parents...

Whole30 Recipe Roundup

As many of us enter the new year with a resolution to eat healthier, you may have a friend or two who are taking on a round of Whole30 at the beginning of the...

Today I Will Receive the COVID Vaccine

Today, I will be getting the COVID vaccine. It is a surreal sentence to write. There are still days when I think “maybe tomorrow is the morning when we wake up and life will...

On That Day – Remembering 9/11

“Aileen, wake up. There was a bomb in NY. “  “What? Tracy, why are you calling me this early?”  “Get up and turn on the TV. Someone is attacking NY”.  “T, go back to bed.”  It was an...

Farmers Market Season is Here!

May brings warm weather, the last day of school, and the opening day of most farmers markets. While our market has added an indoor winter market, being outdoors on a late spring morning before...
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