Kitchen Tips for the Cook in You


I’m a cook’s cook. I love learning, I love eating, I love taking something and making it magical and tasty. By the young age of 6, I was already crafting up menus and had even fried up a breakfast feast for my family. (Feast being eggs and bacon and toast) But hey, you get the point. Food is my love language. When I can share about food, I do, gladly and willingly. Over the course of the last few years, I’ve gained a ton of life hack and kitchen tips that have made me a better cook. I want you to become a better cook, too. Grab these tips and get to cooking!


  1. Season your food. I know this seems strange to have to say but it’s number 1 on my list for reason. I come in contact with tons of people who are afraid of seasoning their food. Get into exploring flavors. The spice aisle is a great way to do that. Start small and build up. 
  2. Shop early for the freshest produce and fresh meats. Most grocery stores stock their best and brightest, and often newest fresh products in the morning. Get in that produce section and grab ALL of the apples, kale and lemons. Talk to your meat counter and get to know his stocking time, You’ll be glad you did. 
  3. Speaking of meat, befriend the chicken thigh. Chicken thighs are an often slept on kitchen winner. They’re inexpensive, easy to cook, and the most flavorful piece of the bird. Trust me on this. 
  4. When roasting or pan frying, don’t crowd the party. Leave a little space in your skillet or on your sheet tray. Crowded food steams instead of getting crispy.
  5. Keep a stick of softened butter around for good measure. There are several reasons for this, one being cold butter just sucks. No one likes cold, hard, butter on toast. Softened butter can change the course of a meal for the better.  You can make a quick compound butter using softened butter by tossing in herbs and aromatics.
  6. Onions can be tricky. The following tip is fool proof when slicing or mincing them: Keep the root of an onion intact to help with slicing. While keeping it intact, peel the onion and slice in a horizontal direction. Then, cut down vertically to create minced pieces.
  7. Want a simple way to elevate a dish that is falling flat on taste? Salt and an acid (lemon juice, vinegar, red wine) can turn a dish from blah to fab fairly easily.

These 7 tips are built for the cook in you waiting to come out. Save them, use them, share them. 

Happy cooking, friends.