A Mother’s Day My Way


The month of May has arrived and we now live in a world where Mothers and Mother’s Day is all that the media cares to show. Totally cool. I get it. This life of motherhood isn’t one that should be taken lightly. It’s serious stuff.  I mean, we’re growing people. And then we birth them and feed them– sometimes with milk that we created ourselves. This is motherhood thing is the real deal. 

My Mother’s Day

I’ll be celebrating my 3rd Mother’s Day here soon and I’m still shocked this is my life. Normally this day is spent showering the other moms in my life with love. This year, when my husband asked me what I wanted do so, I went it to my normal planning mode of how we can get our mothers together in a fun way. He stopped me right in my tracks, he asked again, “What do YOU want to do for Mother’s Day.” I admit, I simply forgot all about the aspect of celebrating me, too. I thought of the things I wanted to do if I had my way. Of course in- Candace fashion- I compiled a list of things I’d want to do on MY Mother’s Day. The perfect gift for me doesn’t actually require a physical gift at all. Sometimes, a moment is a gift. Time alone is A GIFT. 

  1. Mother’s Day my way would involve good food that I had NO hand in making. I’d sip strawberry- banana smoothies, eat my favorite chicken wings, and peach cobbler. I’d enjoy each of these things while they were hot. I wouldn’t have to share or be interrupted.
  2. While enjoying my favorite foods, I’d binge watch A Different World, House of Cards, and all my favorite shows on Netflix, uninterrupted. I’d watch like I’ve never seem them. 
  3. If it were Mother’s Day my way, I’d practice all my Beyonce inspired dance moves in the living room without judgment from toddlers. I mean, my dance moves are classic, I could teach you a thing or two, Threenager. 
  4. I would text the moms in my life and wish them a wonderful Mother’s Day, and tell them how much I loved them. I’d thank them for the jobs they do. A mother’s work is truly never done, even on  Mother’s Day. I’d also tell them to take time for them today. Even if it was just 5 minutes in the bathroom alone.  How precious is that time? 
  5. I’d celebrate this big job of fun-crazy-madness unapologetically, by practicing an act of self care. I do it for me. and I’d do so without guilt. Mother’s Day my way, would be just that. A day I did it my way. This day would be a gift to self for self. A day to celebrate the stripes I earned in bringing forth life. A day to reflect of what this journey looks like. I’d watch videos of my little one and cry thinking about just how awesome it is to be her mom. I mean, she’s the reason I have this badge anyway. 

How do you plan to celebrate this day? What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Share in the comments.