Get Moving With the 500 Festival KidsFit Program

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With cooler weather welcoming us for the fall season, we’re all trying to get as much outdoor time as we can before winter. Did you know the 500 Festival has a FREE program to get your kids moving? We recently sat down with Jamie Stremming, Program and Event Manager with the 500 Festival, to learn more about their KidsFit Program.

Let’s begin by having you introduce yourself to the Indianapolis Moms audience. Tell us who you are and what your role is within this program.

Jamie Stremming is the Program and Event Manager with the 500 Festival. She oversees the 500 Festival’s youth programs, including their education program as well as the KidsFit program.

Tell us about the 500 Festival KidsFit program.

“The goal of the program is to get kids in Indiana moving and teaching them how to pursue a healthy lifestyle,” says Stremming. She continues by saying this is a customizable program with weekly lessons for kids to participate and keep their body moving. The weekly goal is to walk or run one mile with the Start Your Engine Running Plan.

Stremming says KidsFit meets Indiana Department of Education’s Indiana State Academic Standards for Health and Physical Education, and by the end of the program, each child should walk or run a total of 13.1 miles. This is equivalent to the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.

Who is eligible to participate in the KidsFit program?

Children in kindergarten through sixth grade are eligible for the KidsFit program, with two different customizable groups: one for K-3rd grade and one for 4-6th grade. KidsFit is available for all schools and groups in Indiana – a lot of PE teachers, Girl Scout groups, and after school programs utilize KidsFit. Stremming wants everyone to know this program is available to anyone who wants to use it.

When is registration?

Registration is currently open! Schools and groups can register now through the end of February. Stremming says if you would like to have printed materials sent to your school or group, you should make sure to register by November 14th. If you register after November 14th, you still have access to all the materials, but you will have to print them on your own.

Is there a cost to participate?

No! This program is totally free and available to any school or group across the state of Indiana. Anyone can use this wonderful free resource!

What does registration include?

Registration includes:

  • KidsFit curriculum with lesson and activity ideas
  • Start your Engines Running Plan
  • A group incentive chart to track mileage
  • Completion certificates
  • Discount registration to participate in the 5K before the Mini-Marathon
  • Option for a Mobile Run, hosted by the 500 Festival, to complete the last 1.1 mile in your school or community center

How do I register?

Go to to register and receive additional information.

Check out the full interview here:

About the 500 Festival KidsFit Program

The 500 Festival KidsFit Program gets Indiana kids moving while teaching them how to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This free, customizable program is designed for kids in grades K-6 and is available to schools and groups. KidsFit meets the Indiana Department of Education’s Indiana State Academic Standards for Health and Physical Education.

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