Mindful Mornings: Three Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine


morningIf you’re reading this as someone who doesn’t include themselves in the “morning person” club… hear me out.

I was you. I have set my alarm for the latest possible moment each morning for most of my life. I love to sleep, I love my bed, and I prefer to stay there as long as possible – for some people, that works forever.

A year ago, my mornings changed. It was a slow progression – waking up five minutes earlier to take a longer shower, then 15 minutes earlier to curl my hair, then 30 minutes earlier to catch an early a.m. workout before the sun rose. I was gradually becoming a morning person out of necessity. I didn’t necessarily need those extra minutes of sleep, but I did need that extra time to hold space for myself.

Protecting your peace and allowing room for your personal growth takes practice, but the benefits of carving out time each day to be mindful are more empowering than I could have ever imagined. Studies have proven that a consistent morning routine can help lessen stress, boost energy levels, and even improve your relationships. A chance for a clearer mind and time to set myself up for daily success? It’s worth a few Zzz’s.


Sit with your thoughts and put them into being. Write it down. Take whatever is swirling inside of your heart and mind, even if it doesn’t make sense, and put it on paper. This exercise of getting familiar with your inner feelings and naming your emotions can help you better recognize them and respond to them throughout the day. Whether it’s a few sentences in a blank notebook or a bulleted list in a guided gratitude journal, it will make a difference in your clarity.

Looking to share a part of your morning mindfulness with your spouse? My husband and I each use a free app called Paired to answer a daily prompt. Once each person answers the question, you can see and chat about each other’s responses—a great version of reflective journaling and an awesome conversation starter for your relationship.


Meditation is a practice in every sense of the word. Quieting the mind – and allowing dedicated focus to breath, gratitude, healing, calm, or whatever attribute you seek to improve – is a difficult skill to master. 

Many apps are available for guided meditations, but my favorites are from Peloton based on the varying lengths and central themes. Even a five-minute session during my morning coffee can soothe whatever anxieties lie within or offer a mantra that impacts my daily thought processes.


You don’t have to start your day with sweat (unless you are into that!) to feel the benefits of a morning workout. Yoga or a quick stretch is enough to set a positive tone for your physical body and contribute to your overall mindfulness.

Move in a space that is inviting – think about lighting, music, ambiance, and comfort. The more welcoming your exercise space is, the more likely you will make morning movement a consistent part of your routine.

What do you include in your morning routine? Does an evening wind-down work better for you? How have intentional, mindful moments improved your days? Share your experiences with us!