Tips for Staying Healthy During Travel and Vacation


vacationSummer is here, and for many, that means travel and vacation are on the radar. Yay! It’s like we can almost hear the Go Go’s singing to us back in the 80s, “Vacation all I ever wanted…vacation, had to get away!” Does anybody else get a little giddy when hearing that song? No? Just me?

It is always smart to recharge our batteries, so getting away can work wonders for our mind and body. Whether it’s being out in nature and feeling a wonderful breeze, sticking our toes in the sand, barreling down slides at a water park, or hiking through some beautiful trails…whatever our vacation path is, it’s hopefully something that fills up our cup and makes us happy.

Yet, sometimes during travel or vacation we aren’t always kind to our bodies, and then we pay for that later with physical and or mental stress. So, to help combat that potential stress, here are some tips about staying healthy even when traveling. Your body will thank you for it later!

Stay hydrated

The more water you drink, the more you flush out toxins, gain more energy and can also better manage what you are eating. Sometimes we reach for a snack when really we should be reaching for that H2O because our body craves more water. Dehydration is common when traveling, so keep filling up those water bottles!

Eat breakfast

When you start your day off with a healthy breakfast, ideally with protein and nutrient-dense carbs like fruit, you are jumpstarting your metabolism and staying satiated, which means you are less likely to splurge, overeat or reach for junk the rest of the day. This is SO important on vacation when there are always many options for “treats” that can quickly create a domino effect with poor eating or drinking.

Walk…everywhere and anywhere

The more steps you take, the better. Walking is a great way to enjoy the sights on your trip as well as maintain a healthy status. It’s worth repeating that we should never underestimate the power of walking, both physically and mentally, as it is low-impact on our joints, boosts our mood and helps with weight management. Walking for the WIN!

Bring your own snacks

“Failure to plan is planning to fail,” right? When you prepare your own snacks ahead of time, you are more in control of what you are putting into your body and can stay on a healthier path instead of stopping for fast food or other potentially unhealthy choices. Think of nutrient-dense options: Fruit, protein bars, popcorn, hard-boiled eggs, and high-protein yogurt are all great options. Fuel your body the right way, even when traveling, and you will feel the benefits in your mind and body.

Prioritize sleep

Making sure to get good zzzz’s on vacation and trying to maintain a reasonable sleep schedule even though you are traveling is important. Remember that when we do not get enough sleep (ideally 6-8 hours), our mood, energy, appetite, interactions and productivity can all be negatively affected. Getting great sleep on vacation can truly improve the overall experience…when you feel good, you look good and you exude positive vibes!

Don’t aim to be perfect…enjoy yourself!

Don’t restrict yourself to the point that you feel deprived. After all, vacation is a time to recharge and let go of it all. If you want some of that tantalizing ice cream or those luscious loaded nachos or that delicious tall margarita, go for it! The key is moderation, and not a complete restriction because you do not want to fall into the trap of going overboard while you are away. You don’t have to cut anything out completely; just be sure to have balance to avoid having your train go completely off the tracks. Perfection is not the goal but maintaining balance will feel so, so good!

Ultimately, you want to come back from travel or vacation feeling rejuvenated, not deflated, and ready to conquer, not in a position of beating yourself up. The exciting aspect of all of this is you can always be the best version of yourself, before, during, and after vacation!

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Andee Bookmyer
Andee is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach and Certified Stress Management Coach. She grew up in Northwest Indiana and attended Ball State University. She taught high school English for several years before becoming a mommy to Preston. She has a passion for writing, CrossFit, laughing and helping others. For more of her writing, you can visit her personal "Bookerella" blog at