Seven Places to Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs in Indianapolis


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a pick-me-up to get through the cold months in Indianapolis. Hot chocolate bombs, or hot cocoa bombs, are the perfect way to provide a yummy treat to cheer you up! If you’ve never had a hot chocolate bomb before, they are a chocolate sphere filled with hot cocoa mix (or other flavors) and marshmallows. Here is what you do to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate bomb – Step 1: buy a cocoa bomb (or ten). Step 2: place your cocoa bomb in your favorite mug. Step 3: pour hot milk over your cocoa bomb and watch the ingredients magically appear. Step 4: enjoy! Here is our local roundup of where you can buy hot chocolate bombs in Indianapolis. Now the most important question I have for you is – what is your favorite hot chocolate bomb flavor?

Sweet Treats by Janese

Website for ordering: Sweet Treats by Janese
Cost: $6 – $22 total
Sweet Treats by Janese have nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options available in flavors including cappuccino, double chocolate, salted caramel, white chocolate birthday cake, and white chocolate peppermint. While you’re at it, scroll through the rest of the menu and try not to let your mouth water.

Eats by Chef Mel

Website for ordering: Eats by Chef Mel
Cost: $5.95 each, with shipping available
According to their website, Eats by Chef Mel has cocoa bombs available in chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate peppermint, chocolate peppermint, chocolate caramel, and salted chocolate caramel. They also have “love bombs” – adorable heart-shaped cocoa bombs you can buy for a loved one.

Tweety’s Sweeties

Website for ordering: Tweety’s Sweeties
Cost: starting at $8 each
Tweety’s Sweeties offers delicious flavors for her hot cocoa bombs to enjoy during the fall and winter seasons. You can also choose to add a mug to your order, choose from milk, white, or dark chocolate, and then customize your order with cocoa bomb toppings, including crushed peppermint, sprinkles, and glitter stripes. Yummy! Please note that at this time, shipping orders is not an option. Delivery and meetup only.

Vanilla Bean Bakery

Website for ordering: Vanilla Bean Bakery
Cost: $6.95 each
Vanilla Bean Bakery offers delicious cocoa bombs and deluxe decorated cocoa bombs for your enjoyment. They currently have the following flavors available – white chocolate, milk chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, dark chocolate, and holiday decorated varieties. Give their shop a call at 317.337.9470 to learn more about their cocoa bomb offerings and availability!

Savage Cake Artistry

Website for ordering: Savage Cake Artistry
Cost: $6 each
Located in Avon, Savage Cake Artistry not only offers uniquely decorated “savage cakes,” they offer hot cocoa bombs available in the following flavors: raspberry chocolate, chocolate peppermint, white chocolate, and of course, milk chocolate.

The Cake and Confetti Shoppe

Website for ordering: The Cake and Confetti Shoppe
Cost: $7 each
The Cake and Confetti Shoppe, run by a self-taught baker, is another great option for indulging in a cocoa bomb this season! Their cocoa bombs are $7 for regular hot cocoa bombs and have adorable winter-themed options, including an elf snowball hot cocoa bomb, with a peppermint spoon in a red holiday box with a cute elf note, as well as a golden nutcracker hot cocoa bomb – both for $9 each. They have a long list of cocoa bomb flavors to choose from and will also offer shipping as an option. Enjoy!

Lisa’s Hot Chocolate Bombs

Website for ordering: Lisa’s Hot Chocolate Bombs
Cost: $5 – $6 each
Lisa’s Hot Chocolate Bombs offers hot cocoa bombs for residents in Franklin Township. They offer classic, premium (snickerdoodle, peppermint, and pumpkin spice), and deluxe (chocolate carmel, chocolate peanut butter, and cookies & cream) flavors. Enjoy!

Share with us! Where will you shop for cocoa bombs this winter?

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