Surviving the Quarantine with Kids | 6 Interactive Children’s Books


Are you looking for some fun books to read at home over the next few weeks? Look no further! In our home, we love interactive books – both the parents and the kids. It’s a great way to bring a bit more literacy into your day in a fun and inviting way. And these books will help get a few wiggles out, too!

combating covid-19 quarantine

  1. Open Very Carefully

Watch out for the crazy crocodile in this fun book! Your child will have to work to get rid of the crocodile – but hurry! He’s eating EVERYTHING!

  1. Don’t Push the Button

What child doesn’t love breaking a rule every now and then? Sure enough, this book entices young readers to push the button and leads to loads of surprises as a result!

  1. Press Here

When I taught kindergarten, this was the most-loved book every year. Follow directions to see what happens to the dots when you clap, tap, shake, and tilt this silly book.

  1. Plant the Tiny Seed

Young readers will help grow the garden through this sweet story. Page by page, the garden grows, but only with the help of the readers! Perfect for Spring, too!

  1. This is Owl

A fun story filled with flaps and instructions for kids to flap and clap their way through.

  1. Tap the Magic Tree

Interact with the bare apple tree and watch as the pages take you through the growth-cycle of these tasty fruit-producing trees!

Have fun and enjoy the snuggles + laughter these books bring to your home!