At Home Date Night Ideas


Quarantine likely has you spending a lot more time at home with your significant other. However, more time spent together doesn’t always equate to genuine connection. Maybe you had a regularly scheduled date night before the pandemic, but now that we are on lock-down, you’re finding it hard to make time for the one you love the most. If you’re like me—working from home, taking care of little ones, and missing connection with the outside world—date night may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s one of the best tools to ensure we stay connected to our significant other. Try these simple, at-home date night ideas to help your relationship survive the quarantine.  

  1. Netflix and chill. Settle in on the couch with your favorite snacks. Watch a movie, binge watch a new series, or check out an interesting documentary. Enjoy each other’s company and just relax.
  2. After dinner, put the kids to bed and enjoy a sweet treat together.
  3. Play a game. Whether it’s a board game, video game, or online game, this is a great way to connect and have a little fun.
  4. Hit up that couple you would normally do a double date with and plan a virtual double date.
  5. Ask each other questions. This could be a great way to learn something new about your significant other or go beyond the normal, everyday surface-level conversation. Gottman Card Decks is a great question resource if you can’t come up with some on your own.
  6. Take an evening walk and enjoy the sunset. Taking some time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors could be just what you need to decompress from a stressful week.
  7. Try Date Night in a Box, a curated date night experience delivered right to your front door.
  8. Cook together. Maybe you wake up early to make breakfast together or spend a little extra time in the evening creating a special dinner. If you don’t like to cook, have dinner delivered. Not only will you save time, but you will support a local restaurant.
  9. Plan your dream vacation. Just because you can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean you can’t dream about the next time you can escape to a new location.
  10. Artists are providing entertainment every day via social media. Tune into a virtual concert or livestream by your favorite artist or DJ.
  11. Learn something new together. Check out a free online course through websites like Coursera or Skillshare.
  12. Watch each other’s favorite movies and talk about why it’s your favorite.
  13. Listen to each other’s favorite album or create a playlist of your favorite songs and dance around the house together.
  14. Relax with an at-home spa night. Dim the lights, turn on some soothing music and give each other a massage.

How are you using this time of quarantine to connect with your significant other? What at-home date night ideas do you have?