Abundance Over Scarcity


Abundance over scarcity is a mindset and a way of life. I currently live in a scarcity mindset and have most of my life. My intention for this year is to dissolve this mindset and replace it with an abundance mindset and way of life. As I listen to my daughter, say, “I know all you are going to say is it’s too expensive,” I cringe. That phrase is all she ever hears from me.

Scarcity mindset

A scarcity mindset is one that makes you feel like there is not enough money or time. It is also more personal, in that you feel like you don’t deserve wealth, love, new clothing, or even self-care. Have you ever thought I’m not good enough? I’m too fat to do “that.” I’m too old to do “that.” It’s more than self-doubt, it’s thinking to yourself that you cannot be what you want because you have underlying beliefs.

Through your limiting beliefs, your children develop these same beliefs. The child is hearing you state or is shown they cannot have things because of various reasons. Then the child begins to develop the belief system that they hear as truth. Your parents may have had a scarcity mindset, and that is where you received your belief system. It is now up to you to identify and work hard to make the change. The limiting beliefs may not just be around money; it can also be around self-worth.

Self-esteem can be affected if you have a scarcity mindset. Yourself and your children could believe they cannot achieve in certain areas of life or deserve certain things. The real question is, how do you change once you have identified you have these limiting beliefs and live in a scarcity mindset? A fun way to slowly turn your child around is by using positive affirmations. The IM post “A Daily Dose of Love” is an easy way to add abundance into their lives.  Using this tool is another way to reinforce what you say, and your children can always look at those if they are feeling unsure or down.

Scarcity carries into how you live your life. You keep items way past their usefulness, decorate your home because decorations are frivolous; you do not schedule vacations because you need to save every penny. You don’t spend time with your family because you feel they don’t want to spend time with you, or you should be working because there isn’t enough time or money and you must keep going.

The abundance definition means plentiful. The abundance mindset relates to your thought process and that you do not limit yourself. Gratitude plays a huge role in an abundant way of life. The mindset shift to realize what you are thankful for daily helps you stay joyful.The joy can lead you away from the negative self-doubt.

How to direct yourself to an abundance over scarcity mindset and way of life

It is a daily workout. You watch your diet, exercise, and try to do your best at work and with your family. When do you check your attitude or your mental status?  Attitude and mental health need to be checked daily. Some people check their attitude at regular intervals during the day. They check to see if it needs to be adjusted so that their daily and overall goals can be achieved. This takes work, my dear! I am going to check my attitude daily and multiple times a day. Just think about a day that goes wrong from the beginning, could you imagine if you let that morning control your day? If you let that be the tone of the day, it all goes downhill for the remainder of the day. If you stop, check yourself, and adjust, you can recover your day. Being home with my child continuously these last few months, I can see where I have impacted her. It absolutely breaks my heart. Now I have a really hard job of repairing what I have broken. I am using affirmations with her and working on myself at the same time. I cannot tell you how many days that it has been extremely difficult to hear your child talk about how she is hooruble (as she spells it). Honestly, I didn’t realize how my scarcity mindset was the dominant factor in everyday speech, and the direction of it was towards her and my family. We only get a finite amount of days. I have wasted way too many. How about you? Ready to make a change?