Five Things to Know Before Dating a Single Mom


Why-should-date-a-single-Mother It takes a strong and patient person to take on a mama and her child(ren). From my own personal experience, I have compiled a list of the most important things to know before pursuing a single mother:

  1. You will never be my #1 – My love for my child could never be topped. Sure, eventually I might think you’re pretty cool, and I may even consider giving you a piece of my heart. But I will always choose my child first. Even when there is only one pudding cup left, you both want it, and my child has already had two pudding cups that day.
  2. Plans/dates will get cancelled, so don’t take it personally – Kids? They get sick a lot. Especially my child. I mean, you’re more than welcome to come over, but you might get some snot on your clothes. Maybe some barf, depending on which strange childhood illness my child picked up after licking the cart at the store.
  3. I don’t have much to talk about aside from my child – I can talk politics if you want, sure. I can talk about the weather, fine. But really, when I spend a good majority of my life with a three-year-old, you should be prepared for an earful of stories about how cute my kid is, the time I found poop in every single room of my house and how funny he looks when he sleeps. Oh, and just one more picture. You have to see this one! I swear this is the last one.
  4. I may treat you like a child on accident – I am so used to parenting 24/7, that I may attempt to help you wipe your face without asking. It also should be said that I might accidentally give you a hard time about eating your veggies. Broccoli makes you grow big and strong, you know.
  5. It is hard for me to be ME – I am a mother, first and foremost, and often times my motherly duties cause me to lose sight of the person I was pre-motherhood. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t in there. Somewhere in me there is a whiskey-loving, sarcastic (okay, I’m always sarcastic), fun person that wants companionship. It make take awhile to bring her out, but she’s there. Although I’m biased, I tend to think she can be cool. Maybe a little annoying but at least entertaining. And to be honest, I miss her sometimes!

If you are thinking about dating a single mom, be willing to go with the flow! The (crazy?) mom you are dating will like you so much more for your willingness to accommodate her hectic life!

And if you are curious after reading this list; yes, I am still on my search for Prince Charming. Shocking, right?

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Elaine is a proud Southsider, spending a majority of her life in Franklin, Ind. She didn’t even venture away for her college years, as she is a graduate of Franklin College, where she studied Broadcast Journalism. Prior to motherhood, she swore she would get out of Central Indiana, but now as a mama to her (mostly) sweet and seriously handsome three-year-old son, Charlie, she can’t imagine a better place to raise her child. For her career, Elaine works in operations at a local granite fabrication company. When Elaine isn’t running around in circles trying to do life, she pretends to like working out and loves to eat. Also important: if you happen to see her without coffee, please check for a pulse.