4 Kitchen Items that make my life easier as a mom


Making food for my family is something I pride myself on. I love cooking, so making something from the heart is truly a joy for me. Even on crazy weeks, even when PMS gets the best of me, even when my toddler won’t eat. I still love making delicious, good eats. That said, I’m sharing 4 kitchen items that make my life easier.

  1. My Dutch Oven. It’s big, cast iron, and useful. I literally use it for everything. Roasting, braising, soup making, frying. It literally is the do-it-all of the kitchen. Make the investment and grab a solid one. My favorite brands are Lodge, Staub, and Le Crueset. Check out your local Macy’s, TjMaxx or Marshall’s they just may have one on sale. This do it all is truly a must have in the kitchen.
  2. Immersion blender. Let me tell you about my soup life! In the Winter, all i want are giant bowls of soup. Do you know how easy homemade soup is? So. Dang. Easy. An immersion blender is the Godsend for soups. Whip it out, blend it up. Takes the guesswork out of trying to pour hot soup in the blender. Grab one. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Press & Seal Wrap. Two words: Toddler life. How many unfinished meals do you  deal with in a week? Numerous. On days when the little Miss isn’t all that hungry, I grab a sheet of press and seal and cover that meal to save for the next hour when she’s hungry. It sticks to anything! Also helps with the millions of topless tupperware traveling through the house. Why is all my Tupperware missing in the first place? Husbands.
  4. Butcher Paper. This stuff is magic. It’s perfect for wrapping up meat purchased in bulk to prepare for freezing, but it also doubles as a coloring sheet in a pinch. My daughter loves being the kitchen with me while I’m cooking, best way to keep her entertained- a sheet of butcher paper, crayons and a couple of kitchen pots. Inexpensive fun for the win!

What items help make your kitchen life better? Let me know in the comments.