Hey Scientist! Clone Me!


Does anyone out there have an extra scientist just laying around that I could borrow to clone myself?  As moms, we are pulled in about 1,000 different directions throughout the day.  Wouldn’t it make life just a little more manageable if we could clone ourselves about 15 times? Did I say 15? I mean 50.  That sounds about right. 

So, I have a bit of a problem with making lists; I am obsessed. As I see it, lists are the only way to stay focused and make sure I complete what needs to be accomplished for the day, week, and even the year.  As I sit here and write my numerous “to do” items at the kitchen table at 9:45 on a Friday night (writing this blog post being on that list), I’m thinking about how helpful it would be to have 14 other “Sarahs” walking around my house checking off the other to-dos. Those that know me personally are probably sitting here in a panic with the thought of having 15 of me running around Indianapolis. Scary stuff. 

If this dream actually came true, here would be my 13 versions:

Clone #1:  Mama

All day, every day, I am a mama.  This clone seems to push its way to the top.  I have a little one always looking to me for answers, guidance, and constant silliness. This job is 24/7.

Clone #2: Wife

I hate that this part of my life often gets pushed to the side.  How do we squeeze date nights into an already packed agenda? Add the hassle of a sitter. It just gets too complicated. But who says binge-watching T.V. shows can’t be a date?

Clone #3: Daughter/Granddaughter

My parents and grandparents live about an hour away, so I don’t see them nearly as often as we would all like. I’m thankful to have other forms of communication so we can still share stories and pictures on the regular.

Clone #4: Sister

I am super blessed to have an amazing older sister.  We grew up very close in a loving family, and now currently live about an hour away from one another.  Both being busy mamas, we don’t often find the time to see each other as much as we would like. This clone would be a lucky one because we have a lot of fun when we are together.

Clone #5: Friend

I hope this clone can step up its game, because ever since joining the mom world, I feel like I dropped the ball in this part of my life. I let breastfeeding and bedtimes dictate my time instead of giving into other needs, like friend time.  I tell myself there’s never enough time–but is that true?

Clone #6: Teacher

Oh yeah, and add on 25+ first graders. They all depend on me not just to provide a stellar education, but also to help solve problems, teach them how to handle social situations, and be a listening and loving ear. And tie shoes. I am always tying shoes.

Clone #7: Runner

As many of you might remember, I ran the One America Mini-Marathon in May.  I felt like I needed a clone here to do my runs in the evenings because I was tired.  I really dropped the ball after the race and didn’t keep up with training. It isn’t always enjoyable, but I feel great when it is finished. 

Clone #8:  Writer

As a contributing writer, this is a new addition to my to-do list each month.  Writing has always been a hobby of mine. I seriously started blogging when I lived in England for a couple of years with my husband. I took the big leap to write for this wonderful site, but I always let it get pushed further down on “the list,” and I end up submitting my post at the last possible minute. 

Clone #9: Maid

Please tell me I am not the only mama out there with the “laundry chair.”  I would send my maid clone to not only do all of my laundry but the other numerous things that need to be cleaned around my house.  I can’t tell you the last time I cleaned the baseboards in my house. Does anyone actually do that?

Clone #10: Chef

I absolutely love to cook.  Before I had my son, I would test out a new recipe each night of the week that could take over an hour to prepare.  Now, I try to find the meal my kid won’t put in his mouth and spit out immediately. I dream about the days when I made my own sauces and turned my music up loud as I danced and cooked around the kitchen.

Clone #11: Church Leader

I help once a month with a children’s ministry at my church.  I teach a story and do an activity at the beginning of the month with lots of young children.  I always seem to wait until the night before to review the story and whip up a craft that I can do with the kids.  Am I giving this part of my life the time and energy it deserves?

Clone #12: Chauffeur/Errand Runner

You know it’s bad when 8:00 at night rolls around and that’s when I leave to go grab groceries on [gulp] a Friday night! Gasp! There is no time, and let’s be honest, it is so much easier to run to the grocery and in/out of 5 different stores without getting your kid(s) in and out of their car seats.  Who knew I’d miss lugging around the infant car seat so much?

Clone #13: Professional Binge Watcher

I mean, how else am I going to get through all the episodes of the This is Us or Orange is the New Black? I need to clone myself just to have enough time to binge watch T.V. shows so I can stay current.  This clone seems to pop out a decent amount and a little too often at night. After all, maybe this isn’t a good one to clone.  

It is crazy because I love all of these aspects of my life, but I just wish I could give more time to each.  There are about 25 more clones I could create to make my life easier, but would it make my life more enjoyable?  Sometimes the chaos is fun, and sometimes the chaos is stressful. Sitting down to make a “Clone List” and seeing where your top priorities stand is a great start to making sure you are making your life as meaningful and enjoyable as possible. It is easy to let some of the top things in your life slip through the cracks.  

Now, I need to stop writing, as I have more things to cross off of my to-do list. And more coffee to drink.