I’m Changing My Name to Dada

Dada, the hero.
Dada, the hero.

I’m changing my name. I have decided that Mama is inadequate and that from this point forward I will be Dada instead.  I mean, who decided on Mama anyways?  It’s harder to say and clearly doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Dada.  

My 14 month old has started talking, and as a result his Dada and I believe he can do it all. We have mastered, “hi”, “bye-bye” “ball” and “Dada”.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Mama does come out of his mouth occasionally.  But more recently I am pretty sure he is trying to say “more” instead of its proper usage.  By definition, I believe mama means the person that gave you life and waits on you hand in foot, day in and day out, through tears, tantrums, cuddles and endless piles of laundry. Right?

So what gives little man? How about a little love for this gal over here?  Say it with me now, “ma-ma”!  I often feel like I should play the Ting Tings, “That”s not my name” on repeat until he gets it.  I’ll admit, I feel guilty cringing every time my husband walks through the door and he runs to him shouting “Dada”!

I have even tried to wear hats to keep him informed.  #mamasunite

Shouldn’t I be proud of my son, who at 14 months is such a joy in my life.  Our life.  I love this stage too. The way he is starting to communicate through talking and signing. Its life changing and you almost feel like he understands what you are saying…sometimes.

However, the lack of that two-syllable word coming from his precious mouth is enough to kill me.  We did the hard work, right ladies?  The late night feedings, the cuddling when they were sick, not to mention the perfectly timed, middle of the night blow out.  (Ok, so I had to go get Dada for a couple of those!) But seriously, what gives?!

I am not alone in my desire for a name change.  Like any knowledgeable mama, I did a quick google search and found thousands of other mama’s out there saying the same thing. “My kiddo won’t say mama, its dada, all the time!” Ladies, we must band together to remedy this problem! #mamasunite

But seriously, I spend my days thinking about this.  In my head I continually wrack my brain on reasons why he won’t say it.  Maybe he mastered it already?  Maybe he loves me so much, he doesn’t need to say it?  Or maybe, just maybe, he knows that when he does say it I will burst into uncontrollable tears and like his father he wants to avoid that at all costs?  Who knows.

Like I have to remind him...
Like I have to remind him…

This kiddo has my whole heart and truth be told he could call me anything he wants and I would automatically melt.  So in the mean time, I am changing my name to Dada.  He can share right?