It’s Time to Include More Males in the Online Parenting Conversation


dadThink about parenting experts you follow on social media. Is it “Big Little Feelings”? Or “Simply on Purpose”? Do you rely on “Scary Mommy” for laughs or “Kids Eat in Color” for food tips? What do these gurus have in common? They’re all female. It’s time to include more males in the online parenting conversation.  

My husband was the one who actually brought this to my attention the other day when I was trying to persuade him to watch the Big Little Feelings course videos with me. Not wanting to do any more parenting-related activities at 8 PM after a long day of work, he said, “Maybe I’d relate more to these videos if it were a couple of dads telling me what to do.”

He had a point.

NPR reported that dads are more involved in parenting and want support, so that led me to ask, “Who are the influential male parents that people are following?

Below is a list of dads to follow. I challenge you to take a look and consider sharing this list with your spouse or significant other. And give them a “follow” yourself! It’s time to include more males in the online parenting conversation.


The Dad Lab

Wow. This father of two has over one million followers on Instagram. He posts science experiments that are easy to do with kids on YouTube, and he’s written multiple books. For those of us who aren’t always thinking about science (um, me!), following him is a great way to incorporate STEM activities into your child’s routine.


Lunchbox Dad

Don’t be fooled by the name. Lunchbox Dad, yes, covers lunches, but he also has a wide array of other ideas for parents. His website is not up-to-date (except for his lunchbox posts), but he is still worth a follow on social media platforms.


Less of an expert and more of a genius for providing laughter, follow The Dad for hilarious memes and observations about parenting life. 


Dad or Alive

After moving across the country, this father became a stay-at-home dad to his four children. He has a set of first-time dad books that can be found on Amazon. He has a fantastic sense of humor (if you couldn’t tell by his name!).



I almost forgot that this site was started for dads because I’ve often run across it in my own searches. Fatherly describes itself as the “is the leading digital media brand for dads” with a mission to “empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives.” Check it out. There are a lot of good resources on this site for both men and women.

It’s time to include more males in the online parenting conversation. Which ones do you follow?