Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Kate Pierle


Hey Mamas! I’m Kate, a proud boymom, second-grade teacher, and totally trying to keep it all together.

I am a Hoosier through and through and have always resided on the Southside of Indy. One time, I moved over the county line and lived in the northern part of the Southside, but that only lasted a few years, haha. I am married to my best friend Jacob, and we are the parents of two very rambunctious little boys. Our oldest Jameson (referred to by his nickname “Bear” in posts) is five and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Our little daredevil Holden is three and cannot wait for preschool. As a woman raised by a single mom with only sisters, the boymom life sure keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Jacob and I are raising our boys on land that has been in his family for years. We renovated a barn into a home, and our sons are the fourth generation to grow up on our property. I love watching them run freely and explore the same places their Daddy did as a kid. It has also really given me an appreciation for a slower-paced life laced with open spaces and beautiful night skies. I am a second-grade teacher in the district I graduated from, but consider motherhood my true calling. I have always wanted to be a mama, and proudly stated my life decision, baby doll in hand, at a kindergarten “What I Want to Be” program. While I love motherhood, I have to admit that it’s a much harder gig than I had naïvely daydreamed about growing up. The level of exhaustion is off the charts, and the yoke is a heavy one. Doctor appointments, potty training, daycare, medication dosages (I know that when asked you rattle off EXACTLY how much Tylenol your child gets), sleep training, skinned knees, fears you never knew existed…the struggle is real, y’all. But with all of that are a million amazing moments that intertwine and make for a pretty beautiful life.

After struggling with crippling anxiety for many years, I was diagnosed with OCD in my mid 20’s. Maneuvering motherhood while carrying an OCD diagnosis isn’t easy, but it has taught me a great deal about growing and being resilient. I felt alone for a long time, and because of this I try to always be as honest and transparent as possible in all of my writing. I am incredibly thankful for my Indy Moms team, and the community it has given me. I live for summer country concerts, IU basketball games, girls’ trips with my best friends, and catching quiet moments with my husband. In a nutshell, I am a proud wife and mama, mental health advocate, Sephora junkie, wannabe runner, and avid reader who is passionate, loud, loves to laugh, and is trying to navigate this life with a tremendous amount of grace and a whole lot of prayer.

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Kate is a born and bred Hoosier, who has planted roots on the Southside. She and her husband are the proud parents of two rambunctious little boys. They have the privilege of raising their toddlers out in the country, where she enjoys a bit of a slower pace of life. Kate graduated from IUPUC in 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education and is a second grade teacher. When she isn't busy wrangling toddlers, she loves reading, writing, and working on her latest adventure: running. She strongly believes that no Mama should feel alone, and enjoys writing honestly about being a wife and a Mommy, and all the adventures it brings.