Milkshake Memories: Celebrating Back to School

Discosure: This post is in part of a collaboration with Hudsonville Ice Cream.

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The alarm went off early as I tiptoed down the stairs to get the coffee started before the family woke up. After just one quick cup, I ventured to each of the kids’ bedrooms in order to get the day started. As I rubbed each one of their sleepy heads, they were quick to jump out of bed in anticipation of the day. Believe it or not, they have truly missed this morning routine over the last five months. And today was a day we weren’t sure we would even see coming in the near future. But it happened. It was the official first day of school in our household.

However, this year would be different with a hybrid schedule which meant two days in school and three days virtually at home. But we were ready. There were new teachers and classrooms, which we typically are able to see beforehand but not this year, of course. But still, we were ready. Because of the hybrid schedule, half of our friends would be attending on the opposite days. But these little faces were ready…and nervous. I still wanted to celebrate the occasion and make it a special day for them, like we do every new school year. So as I dropped them off at the gym door early that first day back I kissed them, handed them their backpacks and reminded them that all good days end with Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshakes. And I could tell they were smiling – even under those masks.

The first day back seemed to be longest first day of school ever. While I enjoyed a bit of quiet time, I also missed them fiercely and was so excited to hear about their day. I had spent the last five long months with them which made a quiet house feel weird. So the moment that clock ticked 2:30, I jumped in the car a bit anxious and of course excited to pick them up. As soon as they jumped into the car, we spent the next fifteen minutes chatting all things school – what their teachers were like, how the classrooms looked and which friends made it into their class this year. And even though this school situation looks way different than it typically does, it was a moment that made things feel just a little bit normal in this chaotic world. It was the kind of normalcy we have been craving for almost half of a year now.

After hanging up backpacks, putting away shoes and disinfecting masks, it was officially time to celebrate. The kids had asked our quaran-team friends to join us because what’s a good milkshake without our friends! I had all of the toppings set out along with our favorite flavors of Hudsonville Ice Cream. It was a simple set up for an ultimate favorite after school celebratory snack! Plus these milkshakes are easy to make. You just need to grab your favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors, candy and cookie pieces (the smaller the better!) and then just a dash of milk. I threw all the ingredients into the blender and mixed away!

The boys had Mint Chocolate Chip milkshakes with all the extra chocolate candies while the girls went for the Chocolate Hudsonville Ice Cream with peanut butter cups galore. Together the kids had a blast scooping and adding all the toppings into the blender. (And of course screaming as soon as I pressed the button and the loud mixing sound filled the air.) But these sweet Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshakes were nothing short of a success!

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Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshake

That afternoon we spent the longest time sipping and laughing with our friends, which again was something we haven’t been able to enjoy a whole lot of over these last few months. It’s amazing how the littlest moments can bring out the biggest feelings. Yes, this school year is going to be different. And as much as we would love for it to be “normal” we know that’s not in the cards right now. But I’m happy to celebrate as many more good days with these Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshakes as it takes to fill our souls with this kind of happiness.

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