Teaching Our Children Self Worth


You Are Enough

I think with having three daughters, this idea of teaching them self worth was planted in my mama heart very early on.

Everywhere we go they get comments about how beautiful their eyes are, how cute their hair is, how pretty their dress looks, etc, etc. And those comments are all true! And those people all mean well. But, more often than not, this is all they hear from people…and there is so much more.


It feels really silly coming out, but when I have the opportunity to, I like to tell my girls things like: “I love how your little brain was created, you are so smart“, “You know what? You are such a good helper, I’m very thankful for that” and “You are so funny, our family would be so lacking without you.”

In a world full of so many voices, I think it is very important that we, their parents, instill in our children how much they are worth because of who they are at the core of their being. Who they have the potential to be. Not because of what they look like or what they are wearing. But because they matter. Every little piece of them was created for a purpose.

So that maybe someday, when they are feeling “not enough”, they can think back on those things you said–the things that are not fleeting, but instead their God-given personalities and talents– and know that there IS so much more to them and that it is ok if someone else does not see it, because we did and now they do.