Why You Need to Take a Vacation With Your Husband


I am currently on a short vacation with JUST my husband for the first time since we had children (four years!) and we have both asked each other multiple times “Why have we not done this sooner?”

He had never been to Florida, so we found a quaint little AirBnB and decided to drive down. I think that drive down may become one of my fondest times with him. We had 12 uninterrupted hours together to talk, listen, plan, dream, laugh, listen to favorite old tunes and sit in silence (hallelujah).

We have two goals while we are away: relax and plan.

The relaxing part is obvious. Taking time to take deep breaths, watch movies, have sex, take long showers, eat slow meals, lay out and get more sleep.

While all of that is truly amazing (and mostly why we are here), we are still being intentional to plan. We are having intentional conversations about important things: life, faith, marriage, parenting, etc. We brought edifying books: The Knowledge of the Holy, Date Your Wife and Parenting. We are asking all the hard and good questions.

Our aim is to leave this time and place with a better mission for what we want our lives to look like. Basically, how and why we are doing what we’re doing.

It is not even over and it has already been beyond refreshing. We are ENJOYING each other, missing our girls and are just so thankful for ‘all the things’. Taking a step away has given us the opportunity to do that.

Also, shoutout to grandma who is making this all possible by watching our kids!