The Motherhood Community


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt

The comparison game. Let’s stop playing it? The beauty and the flaw of being human is getting to choose what we let other people see (especially in this social media saturated time of life). And more often than not, we choose to let everyone see the good, not the bad and the ugly.

In motherhood, this can feel isolating, make you feel like a failure, like you aren’t good enough, that you need to get it together. This can make you question everything. 

But, mama, I’m here to say I’m with you. This motherhood community we’re in? We’re in it together.

To the mama on her phone, scrolling mindlessly through her feed, trying to escape the whining.

Me too.

To the mama comparing herself to that family with the trendy outfits who has it all together.

Stop it, but me too.

To the mama who wants to have it all together (you know… clean house, laundry folded, dishes put away, freshly stocked groceries, bathed kids, etc.), but never comes up perfect.

Me too.

To the mama who, for fear of judgement, would never actually vocalize that sometimes you just want to quit.

Me too.

To the mama who is grabbing her coffee and guzzling it down because Lord knows you won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

Me too. Cheers!

As they say “You do you.”

You be you (because we need the authentic you) and I’ll be me and that’s what makes this motherhood community so special; each person plays their part because we all need each other.