Sweating with Your Sweetie at Title Boxing Club Indianapolis


imageI’m 6 weeks postpartum, have 3 under 3, and chasing and carrying all these little micro versions of my husband and I is EXHAUSTING. In addition to wanting to shed some pounds, I also want to build some strength (and amplify my energy) just in order to keep up with these little ones.

So when faced with the opportunity to try a boxing class at Title Boxing Club, I jumped at the chance (well not really jumped. You know how it goes… I’m only six weeks postpartum! My mom bladder prevents me from jumping, ever, for any reason).

But seriously, I had to try it. My husband, Clay, had been talking about trying a boxing work out class for a while, so he was eager to join me.



Clay was gifted with athleticism while I was…not. So while watching my workout might be more a comedy of errors than an aphrodisiac, we still had a great time and felt awesome afterward (the next day, not so much). Clay even kept his Apple Watch on, and it said he burned over 600 calories from just one class!

The class was fast paced, and the instructor, Lindsay, kept it interesting with quick changing intervals of variations of different punches, stretches, and ab work. It was not only impossible to be bored, but I liked that everyone was focused on their own workout: I was able to modify my workout to suit me (avoiding the jumping jacks), and not feel left behind or out of place.

I can’t wait to get back up to pre-baby functioning physical strength, and I can’t wait to get back to Title Boxing Club! They have locations in both Glendale and Fishers and Indianapolis Moms Blog readers will receive free gloves and wraps when they sign up as well as have their enrollment fee waived!