To My Kinder-Ready Son’s Daycare


To My Kinder-Ready Son’s Daycare,

He did it. You did it. We did it. Somehow, with some combination of us all working together, we made it to this day. My son has walked across that stage, tiny tassel swishing across that blue square hat, as his tiny hands grab that magic piece of paper. The one that prompts the fist pump in the air, the huge grin, and the flushed cheeks as he realizes he is officially ready for kindergarten. A pre-school graduate with his whole life ahead of him. And it’s in a big part, thanks to you.

kinder ready daycare

It takes a village to raise a child. It’s a rally of family, friends, helpers, and sometimes strangers. To a working mom, a big piece of that pie is the staff and teachers at his daycare. They have supported us since our firstborn, that sweet little boy, was just 12 weeks old. To a working mom, it feels like I tore out a piece of my heart that day as I put that sweet baby boy in the arms of his infant’s teacher. Five days a week, for the last five and a half years, those teachers and staff have provided routine, structure, playtime, friends, meals, hugs, bandaids, reams and reams of paper, support, love, and so much more for our son, and our family. 

Your staff and teachers have provided a safe place for my son to try new things. He’s been able to make friends, learn to read, write, and be a kid. Most importantly, he has been able to be himself. You’ve empowered him, made him feel important, and helped foster concepts of respect, friendship, faith, and responsibility. 

Through it all, you supported my son, my family, and me as we navigate early childhood. You provided peace of mind to us through photos, daily updates, parent-teacher conferences, and years of handmade gifts that will be cherished forever. You answered frantic texts, worried questions and gave us grace when we forgot a beloved stuffed animal or sunscreen on a sunny day.

You supported us on days we rushed in, trying to make a run for the car to attend a meeting on time. You’ve held tiny hands and wiped big crocodile tears on days of daycare drop-off was tough. You were firm with us on days we lingered too long and reassured us that leaving quickly is key, and kids recovery very quickly after we’re gone. You followed up with photos because you know that with my firstborn,  I am a helicopter mom. You took time out of your day to comfort me.

I guess what I am saying, and doing so poorly, is simply thank you. Those words aren’t near big enough for the feelings we have and the ball of emotions I have become.  I simply hope you get to see a small piece of the support that you have given not only our son but me and our family. We are forever grateful for all you’ve done.