Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers- Made Simple


I’ve always been a crafty person. I love scrapbooking, journaling, painting, and creating but with that said both of my sisters definitely inherited more artistic traits and talents. Crafting and creating on the toddler level has been the perfect fit for me! I have a 2-year-old and I am always looking for ways for us to enjoy making something together with just a few supplies and that is pretty simple to clean up. Look below for what we created for Valentine’s Day. 



1 Permanent Marker
1 Sponge
Washable Tempera Paint
Construction Paper

To start our heart stamping project I outlined a heart on a sponge. Next cut out the heart outline from the sponge. We buy them in bulk and if I were going to do the project again I would have not cut up one of our scrub sponges but instead would have bought sponges without scouring pads but that is what we had on hand at home. Trivial, I know, but I thought it might be worth mentioning. That is what is great about this project, you likely have all of the supplies at home already! 

Valentines (1 of 15)
Valentines (2 of 15)

Have your palette or plate of paint ready with colors your child has selected. My son requested purple and I didn’t have any on hand, so mixing blue and red did the trick! Lastly and simply have your child dip the heart-shaped sponge and stamp away. 

Salad Spinning Heart Craft 


Washable Tempera Paint
Coffee Filters
Salad Spinner 

Again, one of the joys of this simple craft is you most likely have all of the supplies sitting in your home! One of my son’s favorite toys that isn’t a toy is our salad spinner. There is hardly a time that I am making dinner that it somehow doesn’t end up out and being played with. It is a giant button after all so I do see the appeal. First, we cut 3 coffee filters in the shape of a heart. Next, we placed our blank coffee filter heart in the salad spinner.  (I suggest doing each heart separately so they do not stick together.) 

Valentines (6 of 15)
Valentines (8 of 15)

My son picked out his colors and with each, we dropped about 5 drops of paint into our salad spinner. Some drops made it on to the filter itself, some just it into the salad spinner. As long as they don’t end up on the ceiling it will work. Next, place the lid back on the salad spinner and let your little go to town spinning their creation.

Valentines (7 of 15)
Valentines (11 of 15)
Valentines (9 of 15)
Valentines (12 of 15)

20-30 seconds of spinning will probably do the trick but I let my son spin until his heart is content. If we have gone through the effort of getting paint out I try to soak up as much time in the craft as we can. 

Valentines (14 of 15)
Valentines (13 of 15)

Next, take the heart out carefully. It will have most likely have folded over in some parts. Pull apart very gently and set out to dry. 


We gave our hearts out as Valentines! You could also punch a hole at the top of each and string them together to make a festive Valentine’s Day streamer. Whatever craft you decide to do, I am sure it will be made with love!