What’s with Mom Blogs?


home-office-336378_1920Hi, I’m Nickie. And I’m a mommy blogger. 

Ugh, I can’t believe I’m even saying it…the phrase seems almost pejorative. Like I’m just this woman, who became a mom, then decided I had an opinion about it, and that everyone needs to know what that opinion is. 


But, as lame as the phrase “mommy blogger” is, I’m realizing there was a road that got me here. I found myself in a place where it was hard to have friends, be a friend, and make friends. I was lonely. On top of that, I didn’t work a job that was forgiving of the fact that I had not only my own health to consider, but that of my baby. Actually, nor did this job afford full-time childcare. I knew that deep inside, I was still the person I am, but there seemed to be barriers all around me that prevented me from being that person fully anymore. Don’t get me wrong: there was this whole new, awesome part of me, but it didn’t change my drive, ambition, and, yes, opinions about things.

So I am building a strong resolve around the idea that blogging about motherhood- and connecting with other moms online- is not about having a bullhorn for shouting my opinions from my high horse. I resolve that mom blogging is about connection for moms in a world that- despite holidays like Mother’s Day- doesn’t really know how to value us. This is about community. It’s about heart. It’s about the fact that the world changed for us when we became moms: in our own families, at our jobs, or with our friend. When we changed into mothers-, and the world changed how it sees us. 

I’m fortunate to write for Indianapolis Moms Blog. What I appreciate about this local blog is that we are committed to not only centering on our website the voices of mothers, but honoring them. We know readers don’t care so much about who they’re reading, but what. That’s why we have a team of 15 writers, from neighborhoods across Indianapolis, with kids from infants to teenagers. Our writers work, stay at home, work part time, work from home, are married, are divorced, are remarried, have stepchildren, have foster children, and the thread that runs through us is that despite who we are in the world, despite how the world sees us, despite the roles and rules the world puts on us, we love our children with the fire of a thousand suns and are we are all doing the best we can

We know our readers are like us: looking for a place where their voice will be heard, where it will be honored. So that’s what we do here. We honor the diverse voices and wide breadth of experience of mothers in Indianapolis because we are passionate about Indianapolis and the moms who live here.

If you’d like to share your story, your experience, and your voice on Indy Moms Blog, consider becoming an IMB contributor. E-mail a sample post or a link to your current blog to: 

[email protected] or

[email protected] 

We can’t wait to hear from you. 


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Nickie is currently an Urban Education Studies PhD student at IUPUI. As co-owner of Indianapolis Moms Blog, she is interested in not only supporting and encouraging fellow mothers, but supporting the small businesses of Indianapolis. She also works for a Civil Rights organization, working specifically with Civil Rights in public schools. She is Mom to Charlie (3), Ivy (2), and Emery (1), and married to her baby-raising partner, Clay. She loves to travel with her littles and husband, walk the Monon, City Market, hikes, dogs, and barbecues. You'll find her with coffee in hand, likely talking to anyone who will listen.