Easy Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids


It’s hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re a parent (or teacher), you’ll likely add “buy valentines” to your upcoming to-do list. The stores and internet are chock-full of creative ideas, so many that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Some options are sold as stand-alone cards, while others go best with corresponding tokens of affection. If you’re not up for scouring the sites or shelves, have no fear! This kid-approved selection of simple and unique valentines will hit the mark.

*And be sure to check out the fun Valentine’s Day holder idea at the end of this article. It’s easy and interactive, the perfect addition to any classroom party or card exchange!*

Here’s what you need:

  • Colored printer (If you don’t have one, visit your local office supply store to have your valentines printed.)
  • Cardstock (Heavier and more durable than paper. Most home printers like the 65lb weight best.)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Writing utensil
  • Valentine trinkets (if applicable)
  • Tape/glue dots, hole punch, and twine (if you’re adding a separate trinket to your cards)
  • Valentine’s Day freebies (see below)

Punny Valentinespun cards

Who doesn’t love a good play on words?! This set comes with 24 unique card designs, each with a different pun. They’re a great way to incorporate food, even when snacks aren’t allowed. The valentines stand by themselves and don’t require an added trinket. Just print on cardstock, cut, and sign.

Download the free printable here.

Valentine Jokesvalentine jokes

Like the set above, these joke cards don’t require additional accessories. A range of designs and jokes are included, with the answers printed upside down on the bottom of each card. This set is sure to get a laugh!

Download the free printable here.

Fun-tache-tic Valentinesmustache card

Adhesive mustaches are always a hit with kids. (And they are downright hilarious when worn by a baby or toddler.) This printable includes two card designs, so you have the option of attaching a mustache sticker or not. Several party stores carry them, and they make for a relatively inexpensive favor.

Download the free printable here.

Got Your Back, Valentinekey chain valentine

Elementary-aged kids are notorious for their collections of backpack flair. A keychain or pin can easily be added to this card. Amazon and novelty websites (think Oriental Trading) sell them in bulk. Just hole punch and attach with a key ring or piece of twine. Don’t forget to sign your name by the heart.

Download the free printable here.

You Make My Heart Go Powsuperhero valentine

Superhero fans will love this Valentine’s Day card. If you’d like to attach a corresponding trinket, punch balloons, sweatbands, or minifigs would all fit the bill.

Download the free printable here.

You Light Up My Worldfinger flashlight card

Use a glue dot to attach a finger flashlight, and you’ve got a card that will brighten anyone’s day. At less than $.25 a piece, these mini lights make great class gifts. Teachers love using them as reading pointers, and they add extra fun to classroom glow parties or Flashlight Fridays.

Download the free printable here.

You’re the Real Dealplaying card valentines

This valentine fits perfectly on a standard-size deck of cards, making it a teacher favorite. Not only can playing cards be used for indoor recess games, they are also a fantastic math resource. Check out this article for a list of ways they can be used at home or in the classroom.

Download the free printable here.

Valentine Cootie Cleanerhand sanitizer tag

You can never have enough hand sanitizer or soap, especially during flu season! This little gift tag is sized perfectly to fit around the neck of your favorite cleaner. Sign your initials, hole punch, and attach with twine.

Download the free printable here.

Scent-sational and Stu-pen-dous Valentineswriting valentine pennant

This printable is a two-in-one combo. Wrap the tags around some smelly markers or gel pens, and you’ve got a surefire hit. Even adults will appreciate these cards!

Download the free printable here.


Can You Guess the Sweetheart?valentine holder activity

Sometimes decorating a valentine holder can be even more overwhelming than finding the perfect card. A simple bag may not seem like much, but it can be easily transformed, especially when baby pictures are involved.

Here’s what you need:

  • Baby pictures (one per child)
  • Heart cutouts (or other decorations)
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Writing utensil
  • Can You Guess the Sweetheart recording sheet (see link below)

How to Play

Essentially, each child/party guest brings a picture of themselves as an infant. The teacher, room parent, or party planner attaches the images to a set of bags, which are then numbered and laid out around the room. On party day, the kids attempt to match the pictures to their peers. Before valentines can be distributed, the truth must be revealed!

Are you interested in incoporating this fun activity into your Valentine’s Day event? This free printable includes an explanation note/parent letter and a recording sheet.

Happy Valentine’s Day!