Growing Academic Confidence with GoPeer

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My youngest has always been my spicy child. She is carefree and dances to the rhythm of her own music. She is extremely independent but also strong willed and persistent. When she wants something, she goes after it. But when she needs to do something for someone else, there is a lot of resistance. We refer to this as “Remy-time” because it will get done, but on her own time. And this has been quite a familiar theme when it comes to school and her learning. She spent three years working hard in developmental preschool and by that third year, she was roaring and ready for Kindergarten. But this year has been a bit more of a challenge with a longer day and harder curriculum. As a former elementary teacher I knew the expectations were going to be tough, so I wanted to provide her with all the extra assistance I could. When I learned about GoPeer, I knew this tutoring resource would be ideal for my Remy.

What is GoPeer?

GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college students to tutor. Parents can choose their requirements and specifications and GoPeer uses advanced technology to help you find the best fit tutor for your specific needs. Everything is done easily from their app or online – this includes easy chat, interviews and scheduling your tutors. GoPeer is 1:1 online tutoring with verified and experienced tutors that are easily available. Parents can get tutors within 5-30 minutes of signing up! 

Tutoring a Kindergartner 

Obviously, it was important for me to find a tutor that had some experience with younger kids and preferably a background in elementary education. Remy doesn’t have the longest attention span but she does enjoy any individual attention that she gets. When searching for my tutor on GoPeer, I was able to interview several candidates but also read their profiles which lists their majors and previous tutoring experiences. This helped me narrow down a tutor that I felt would be the best fit for my spicy Kindergartner and help her grow confidence in her learning and academic skills

Personalized Learning Experience

When I decided to try GoPeer out, my main goal was to help alleviate the stress she was feeling when learning in the classroom and help her develop as a learner. I also didn’t want her to dread going to a tutor session or feel like I was making her do “too much school” when she was already pretty exhausted after the long day. GoPeer makes scheduling our tutoring sessions easy and offers our family a lot of flexibility. Remy can decompress from school, get a snack and then jump into a short one-on-one session with tutor without feeling rushed or overloaded. If there are weeks where I know it will be too much for her, I can schedule when I know it will be the most effective time for both her and her tutor. Plus being able to stay in the comfort of our home has helped her learn the routine, her tutor’s expectations and allows her to know she’s in her safe zone. 

GoPeer tutoringThe teacher in me knew the importance of a fostering a love of learning early on with Remy. The parent in me was aware of the challenges we would face during this huge transition, so utilizing all of the resources available to help her succeed was important to me. GoPeer offers affordable and convenient tutoring for my family as well as the opportunity for my daughter to gain confidence and flourish as a learner as she starts her journey through school.

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