A Day So Gray: Books About Winter For Kids And Adults


I am not a person who enjoys winter. In fact, like many people, I experience symptoms of seasonal depression. As the season approaches, I feel myself slipping into dreading the months ahead. Wondering how long the months ahead will feel. How many days will we go with the sun hiding behind blankets of gray clouds?

One day at work, I was looking through pages and pages of books for displays to set up after the holidays. Knowing winter is a season a lot of folks do enjoy and a great time for reading, I ordered dozens of winter-themed books for all ages.

When searching through the picture books, I found one I’ve never heard of before with a title that made me pause. It’s called A Day So Gray by Marie Lamba.

A Day So Gray by Marie Lamba

I opened it to discover a beautifully illustrated story about one little girl who can’t see beyond the gray of winter. While the other little girl, shows her all the colors you can find in the world, even on gray days. I couldn’t help but feel like this children’s book was speaking directly to me. It might seem odd to gain some perspective from something as simple as a children’s book, but I am so glad I found this book (sort of) at the beginning of the winter season this year.

This got me thinking about other gems out there about winter that would be an absolute joy to read with the kiddos. I loved coming up with this list, and I hope you and your little ones can find one to enjoy together!

 Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

Fresh-cooked soup has to be the perfect winter meal! This book opens up on a snowy winter day with a mother and daughter going shopping for vegetables for soup day. Together, they pick out the freshest and most colorful vegetables in the store, and then they go home to cook together. While the soup cooks, mother and daughter play together before their family meal. I love how this book gives inspiration for us to get our kids involved with their meals. At the end is the best part, a recipe for Snowy Day Vegetable Soup.

When Snow Falls by Linda Booth Sweeney

When Snow Falls by Linda Booth Sweeney

This rhythmic story is all about the magic of playing in freshly fallen snow. It will also have you tapping into your senses just from reading the words on the page. Here’s how it starts: When the snow falls…Frost paints. Skies gray. Windows sparkle. Snow? Yay! It’s filled with family fun. Sledding, snowball fights, building a snowman, catching snowflakes on your tongue, followed by a warm evening inside with a fire and a bowl of hot soup.

Ten Ways to Hear Snow by Cathy Camper

Ten Ways to Hear Snow by Cathy Camper

Even I have to admit; there’s a sense of calm and quiet that naturally happens when snow falls. That’s exactly what this book is all about. The morning after a blizzard, Lina wakes up in a quiet neighborhood. But today Lina is supposed to help her grandmother cook because she can’t see very well. On her way, she counts the different ways she can hear the snow. This book teaches the importance of paying attention to what might otherwise go unnoticed in the world us.

Every year, I’m learning how to embrace a season I don’t particularly enjoy but one that I can still find beauty in. These books, while they’re intended for children, taught this momma a lot.

Happy Reading!

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