Encouraging Words for My Fellow Moms


arrangement-1567268_1920Adulting is hard. Adulting as a mom who has a job outside of the home or stays at home (I’ve done both) …is really hard. Amiright?! (And my baby has colic…don’t get me started…but that’s another post.) However, I don’t want to write about those things today, because us moms, we’re becoming redundant. Moms in the year 2016 LOVE to write about coffee and wine, and drinking both of those to get through the day. And wearing yoga pants while they drink coffee…and then wine. You will be happy to know that this is not another post from a mom who wants to whine. Nope, not today. This is a post to inspire all my fellow moms out there that doesn’t involve any stimulant, or drug. It just involves words. Because I’m going to tell you all of the things I tell myself to make it through the day (…and night…because colic.) I’m sure you have your own running commentary in YOUR head (right? You do, right? It’s not just me?) but we all need encouraging words and maybe ONE of these things could make your day a little easier!

I keep all of these ideas written down in the Notes app on my I-phone (which I did not think of by the way. Most of these things were probably written down after watching Super Soul Sunday). At night after a long day, if I’ve lost perspective or am feeling exhausted and drained, I look through these and try to change my thought process and viewpoint. So here goes…

  1. Ask the universe to please show you evidence of things working out for you. This totally WORKS! Try it. Whenever I think this to myself, it never fails, I will receive a sign to keep going. Maybe a coincidence or some type of synchronicity that I just KNOW is only for me.
  2. No matter what gets done or is left undone, I am enough. There are many nights where I just didn’t get done everything that I wanted to. Maybe the toys are still all over the floor, the laundry isn’t folded, or my nailpolish is chipped. I WANTED to wake up to a picked-up house with all of the laundry done and a shiny fresh manicure. When this doesn’t happen, I feel defeated. Less than perfect. So I tell myself this as a reminder that I don’t have to earn my worth every day through cleaning the house or being perfectly groomed. I am enough, just as I am.
  3. Stay in your own lane – Comparison kills creativity and joy. This is another version of “stay on your mat.” When I am feeling jealous of someone else, I take a moment and say to myself – that is her journey. And this is my journey. We are not going to arrive at our destinations at the same time or in the same way, and THAT is what makes life interesting.
  4. Courage is the most important of the virtues. Sometimes it can feel like the world is against you. So be brave. Take risks. Take chances. Don’t be afraid to fail, and to get up and try again. 
  5. Our souls are here to love and create. What are we even here for?! Well, we all think we have an idea, but nobody really knows. So I like to think that if I loved my babies and husband well that day, it was a good day. And if I get to write a little bit? That’s the icing on the cupcake. Everyone can love their family well. And whatever it is that you love to create or do that brings you joy, don’t lose sight of it.
  6. Live life like everything is rigged in your favor. If you are reading this, you have access to the internet. We are all privileged to live in this country. So just remember, #firstworldproblems.
  7. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Keep it moving, girl! Life is too short to get stuck in the past or worry about the future. Enjoy the moment.
  8. Decrease the hypothetical. I find myself sometimes spending a lot of time worrying about things that could hypothetically happen. WHAT IF we never find the house of our dreams? WHAT IF I go to work tomorrow and I don’t know how to figure something out? If I’m worrying too much about the next thing, this is a good reminder to JUST. STOP.
  9. Nobody knows enough to be pessimistic. Right? We can’t predict the future. Things could work out all wrong, but they could also work out really great. There is no reason to be pessimistic because we don’t know how things will turn out!
  10. Just show up. This is big for me. In the morning, after another long night, sometimes the only thing I can tell myself is to get in the shower. Get ready. and just show up.


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Vanessa is a proud Hoosier, currently residing in and raising her family on the north side of Indy in Westfield. She earned an undergraduate degree in Real Estate and a Master's degree in Accounting from Indiana University. She built the majority of her career at an S&P 100 company in Indianapolis, and now works as a Fund Accounting Manager for Operating Real Estate Funds. Vanessa met her husband Ian in 2008, as well as his two beautiful daughters Audrey and Olivia. The two quickly welcomed their daughter Lauren to the family in 2009. In July 2016 they added their much anticipated first little boy Alex to the family. When she’s not working full-time, her interests include jogging on the Monon trail, reading, organizing, anything red velvet, spoiling her two cats Gilbert and Grady and traveling as often as possible.