Summer Slow Down: Soccer, Libraries, and Water Hoses


If you know me, you know that my planner is organized and color-coded, especially in the summer. As a mom, keeping our calendar in check and updated usually falls to me. This isn’t for lack of trying on my husband’s part but rather the need I have to be consistently in the know. Between his work schedule, my work schedule, appointments for the whole family, and overall life commitments, the planner gets full quickly and can become overwhelming if I let it. If I’m honest, it has been overwhelming lately, and I wasn’t sure how to fix it (another quirk my husband loves-I’m a fixer), but I knew I wanted to slow down.

This summer is going to be different. This summer is the summer of slowing down.

Indianapolis is a great place to explore in the summer. There is no shortage of things to do from the canal downtown to amazing local ice cream shops and kid-friendly dining options to our public libraries serving as a space for all during the summer. When trying to make this summer a little less overwhelming, I focused on things that would bring my family joy and wouldn’t break our budget.

We had our son join a local soccer program in Fishers that was non-competitive, focused on play, and was once a week. For us, this allowed him to interact with kids his age and allowed a day in which we had to get out of the house consistently, thus breaking up the monotony that can be summer. My son loves Saturdays and loves that he gets to play soccer and see kids his age. As parents, seeing him grow into his own is worth it for us. You don’t have to join a program. Simply kicking a ball around is fun and keeps our kids busy.

Indianapolis has some of the best public libraries. Each branch participates in the Kid’s Summer Reading Program (something I loved as a child), and there is also a program for us adults. Both programs also have a new component this year. Additional activities connect you with your community, the outdoors, and others. These activities are optional but provide a great way to reconnect after being apart for the last few years. Libraries are also an excellent resource for story time involving younger kids, community resources, and even just giving us moms a break in the summer heat while our kids explore the magic of books or take in a Silly Safari.

If you’re like me, there are days I do not want to leave my house. Sometimes the reason is just that it’s too hot to move or simply because my son is not having a good day. Waterplay is a great solution and one that we do regularly. You don’t have to have anything fancy. Sometimes the bathtub is just as magical as a water table when you add toys and glowsticks. Our water hose gets used frequently in the summer months. From water balloons to watering our garden to a simple sprinkler, the water hose provides endless entertainment while keeping us cool. Our son gets so excited when he sees us turn the water spigot on because he knows that it’s about to get fun!

Sometimes, the best things are simple. Maybe this summer, we can all take a breath, count to ten, and reset for just a moment while soaking in the sun. Perhaps this summer, we all slow down a little bit. How can you take time for your family and embrace summer?