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Megan Montague

Megan is a lifelong Hoosier who lives in a Midtown "zoo" that includes her husband James, sons Harrison and Rory, two dogs Izzo and Wyatt, 6 chickens and usually at least one foster dog. She’s driven by her heart for helping others and has spent the last decade working in fundraising and community impact. Outside of her full time job, she serves as President of a local dog rescue and volunteers as a canine-assisted therapy team alongside her dog. Megan and her husband also own a real estate investment company. Always up for an adventure, she loves to travel, restoring their century-old home, crime dramas and learning about wine! She loves sharing her unfiltered take on motherhood and life with the Indianapolis Moms community.

ChatGPT: The AI Program That’s A Mom’s Best Friend

We all know that being a parent is a tough gig, and we're always looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient. With technology advancing so quickly, we're lucky to have a...

Finding Lost Keys for My Husband – Acts of Service

I took my query to Google in equal parts bewilderment and amusement after my husband marched into my home office yet again that day, asking me to locate his Airpods for the third time...

The Problem with Caring: Compassion Fatigue

I often lay awake at night and wonder what it feels like to go to bed and drift off to peaceful sleep without the weight of the world on my shoulders. Wrapping my head around...

Social Media and Avoiding the Comparison Trap

March 18, 2005. That’s the day it all began for me. The day I fell down the rabbit hole of social media. Do you remember your first day on social media?  Of course, it didn't...

Trash Trucks, Popsicles and Why I Love Toddlerhood

Now that I’m many months and a few tantrums into toddlerhood, I feel more affirmed than ever. The beautiful, chaotic stage of toddlerhood is exactly my kind of adventure. I am still struggling to process...

Conquering Walt Disney World with Toddlers and Babies

As I sit in the midst of a particularly brutal Indiana winter day, I am dreaming of summer and summer vacations. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you’re dreaming of your own summer vacation to...

Friendsgiving: Thanksgiving for My Chosen Family

As another Thanksgiving season approaches, I never realized just how much I needed my friends, my chosen family, until I became a mom. There’s no better time of year to celebrate just how thankful...

National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week: Expanding your Family by Four Paws

National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week honors those hardworking individuals who bridge the gap between an uncertain past and happily ever after for millions of animals each year in November. It takes a...

Pet Remembrance Day: A (Long) Ode to Bud

Please join me in spending this Pet Remembrance Day in reflection of all the furry souls who have touched our hearts. I fell down the rabbit hole of animal rescue about six years ago...

Adventures of an Airbnb Host Family

Admittedly, I’d only stayed in an Airbnb once before I stumbled my way into being an Airbnb host. After a whopping 425 loads of Airbnb laundry in 2020 alone, I think I’m allowed to...

Unconventional Spring Cleaning

“Let go of that which no longer serves you.”  I’ve always been terrible at heeding this advice. After all, I do still possess several Forever21 sparkly shirts that I wore as dresses back in my...
pandemic winter with a toddler

Four Ideas for Thriving Through a Pandemic Winter with a Toddler

When COVID lockdown started in March of 2020, managing an 8-month-old while working from home seemed like a breeze. Spring was starting to pop up in Indianapolis, and the cabin fever felt so….temporary. (I...

Unpopular Opinion: My Lack of Infatuation with the Newborn Stage

My son had barely taken his first breath before it started… ”Don’t you just LOVE newborns?” “The newborn phase is the *best*!” While I’ve loved my son in an amount that can only be quantified as “infinite”...
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